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Exhibition Opening: Premium Japanese Art Sales Exhibition, BISAI SEN 04

Tokyo, Japan, November 10, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Kashima Arts is proud to announce that the 4th edition of the Japanese Art Sales Exhibition BISAI SEN will commence November 13 (Sat) and will continue on view through November 28 (Sun), 2021. Featuring works by Katsushika Hokusai, Uemura Shoen, Yokoyama Taikan and many other highly acclaimed artists, an exclusive selection of approximately 55 works will be available at the gallery for viewing and purchase. All works will be published in the BISAI SEN catalog, so those unable to visit can enjoy the listed works at home. From the joy of viewing art to the pleasure of owning art, the premium Japanese art sales exhibition, BISAI SEN offers all a chance to enjoy the most excellent of works.

- BISAI SEN 04 Highlights

1. A Chance to View Art Without Glass Casing
Since its establishment, Kashima Arts has always valued the experience of viewing art in direct contact. As such, all works will be exhibited at the gallery without a glass casing. With an opportunity to view the subtle textures and details of each work, visitors are offered the chance to experience art to its fullest.

2. The Original and Exclusively Designed BISAI SEN Catalog
A favorite amongst customers, all BISAI SEN catalogs contain guest features of researched content tailored towards each event. In "Art Interview," Dr. Yasumura Toshinobu, Director of The Hokusai Museum (Hokusai-kan), discusses the timeless and ever-present charm of Katsushika Hokusai’s work. In "Suki Gatari" (lit. Insights from Connoisseur), Fuchu Art Museum Curator, Kaneko Nobuhisa discusses tiger paintings in the Edo period. Finally, in “Bijutsu Wo Sasaeru Hitobito” (lit. People Who Support Japanese Art), Terashima Tetsuo, President of Tekisuiken Kinen Bunka Sinkou Zaidan, talks about the joy of collecting and caring for early modern paintings.

A catalog that feels like an art book, the BISAI SEN catalog is tailored towards art lovers. New customers are welcome to contact Kashima Arts for a free catalog.

3. A Key Selection of Major Works
Following a year and a half hiatus, BISAI SEN will return with a selection of 55 works. As with every BISAI SEN, each work is selected via a strict assessment of its condition, quality, and value. Works to note include Katsushika Hokusai’s Water Rail and Plants, Kano Kazunobu’s Lion, and Maeda Seison’s Mt. Fuji. Further highlights include calligraphy by masters such as Matsuo Basho, Hakuin Ekaku, and more recent works by acclaimed artists such as Uemura Shoen, Ito Shinsui, and Ono Chikkyo.

Highlighted Works
1- Katsushika Hokusai, Water Rail and Plants
Color on paper. Image 61×28㎝ / Overall 151×39㎝
2- Hakuin Ekaku, Echigo Sanjakubo
Ink on paper, with a box signed and sealed by Awakawa Koichi. Image 122×29㎝ / Overall 210×40㎝
3- Ito Shinsui, Hibiya Park
Color on silk, framed, with a certificate of authenticity by the Tokyo Bijutsu Club. Image 43×57㎝ / Overall 63×76㎝
4- Ono Chikkyo, Red Sky
Color on paper, with a label signed and sealed by the artist, framed, illustrated in “All About Ono Chikkyo Part I” published by Chikkyo Art Museum. Image 17×23㎝ / Overall 30×36㎝
5- Matsuo Basho, Poem
Tanzaku paper, exhibited at “The 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Haisei Basho”. 147×23㎝
6- Kano Kazunobu, Lion 
Ink on paper. Image 174×93㎝ / Overall 233×108㎝

Event Details
Exhibition Title: BISAI SEN 04
Dates: November 13 (Sat) – November 28 (Sun), 2021
Open every day from 10am to 6pm.

*Depending on the severity of the coronavirus outbreak, business hours are subject to change.

Admission: Free
Website: https://www.kashima-arts.co.jp/en/events/bisai-sen04/
Venue: Kashima Arts 3-3-2 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81(0)3-3276-0700

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