Short Term Gems' Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh Provides Resources for Those Seeking Passive Income in the Great Resignation

Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh has a prescription for W-2 employees to rely less on exhausting jobs and enter into the booming short-term rental industry.

Short Term Gems' Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh Provides Resources for Those Seeking Passive Income in the Great Resignation
Peachtree City, GA, December 03, 2021 --( Quitting is the latest, hot trend in the US labor market, with workers leaving at near-record highs for months. Many Americans are not just leaving their jobs for greener pastures. They are pursuing passive income opportunities and the allure of remote work possibilities in growing numbers. Or they are just retiring.

Dubbed “The Great Resignation,” the exodus of workers has created hiring challenges for companies and left millions of jobs unfilled even as the holiday season approaches.

In August, 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs and this trend is not slowing down. While some people have left the workforce entirely, job security and better pay are top concerns for others.

Organizational psychologist Anthony Klotz, who coined the term the “Great Resignation” in the spring, told reporters at Business Insider that he thought of the term as a description to his wife of what he thought would happen as the economy began to reopen and people began to rethink what they wanted out of work.

Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh, a pharmacist, is speaking to those people who are rethinking everything from adjustable working hours and remote work-from-anywhere opportunities. And quitters that are at their wit’s end.

“Several years ago, I had a serious problem being stuck in a high-stress, yet high-paying healthcare job,” says Dr. Rachel. “One day while working overnight, a burglar snuck in through the drive-thru window and robbed my pharmacy at gunpoint. I was at my wit’s end! I didn’t want to die for the sake of corporate profits.”

And then Dr. Rachel was introduced to the short-term rental industry and the flexibility passive income brings.

Passive income is earned income through investments. Dr. Rachel cracked the code to generate income without having to punch a time-clock, work overnights or 14-hour shifts.

By day she is a trained hospital informatics pharmacist. By night she is the owner, with her husband Jesse Gainsbrugh, of a growing luxury short-term rental empire spanning three states (Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Florida).

“We’ve grown our investment portfolio (owned and managed) to multiple 6-figure per month in gross revenue,” says Dr. Rachel. “But make no mistake, this industry requires you to put in work to become a professional operator. It’s not as passive as many would hope and that’s why I’m here to help.”

An example of one of Rachel's short term rentals is a newly renovated, spacious 4 bedroom ranch-style home located in a private, quiet subdivision. It has been described as great for a staycation, as a work-from-anywhere alternative or for families.

She has a passion to educate others.

Dr. Rachel is also the founder of Short Term Gems, a high-level resource portal and online luxury short-term rental academy, teaching busy professionals all the action steps to cash in on passive income via luxury rentals.

“We’ve helped other busy professionals hit their first $10k, $20k, and even $50K/month using our luxury STR strategies,” says Dr. Rachel.

Rachel is also generous with her time. She shares relevant trends and opportunities freely in Clubhouse rooms and on Facebook Live interviews with her 1.7K members of a private Facebook group called Luxury Real Estate Investing for Financial Independence: Short Term Rentals.

“As remote work continues to become more common, we have implemented strategies and tactics within our luxury short-term rentals to create ideal work environments (i.e., standing desks and more),” explains Dr. Rachel. Her teachings encourage relaxation and boost productivity.

“Remote workers need desks and these standing desks are very popular with our clientele, especially for mid-to-longer term extended Workcations. Luxury workforce accommodations for traveling executives and other professionals is a niche we enjoy servicing.” —Dr. Rachel

Those interested may book a strategy session with Dr. Rachel today.

Who is Dr. Rachel inspired by? Her parents and her sister.

"My mom and dad left Haiti as a professor and midwife to bring me up in Little Haiti in Miami. I have very fond memories of going to church with my family and listening to timeless sermons and hymns. I’m also inspired by my sister, Daphney, who is a traveling nurse. And many other traveling professionals out there looking to create a better life for themselves."

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Short Term Gems is a resource portal owned and operated by Dr. Rachel Gainsburgh, based in Peachtree City, GA. Founded in 2019, Short Term Gems is educating thousands of working professionals on the action steps to enter and profit in the short-term rental industry.

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