Ugly Duckling Has Just Announced the Launch of Its New 10 Minute Ammonia-Free Liquid Hair Toners

New 10 minute Ammonia Free toners set to reply to stylists' needs.

Ugly Duckling Has Just Announced the Launch of Its New 10 Minute Ammonia-Free Liquid Hair Toners
Los Angeles, CA, December 08, 2021 --( Ugly Duckling's new ammonia-free toning range are set to arrive in salons this holidays.

Ishan Dutta, CEO of the Ugly Duckling, has this to say about the new range, “I’m really happy about Blondify. We’re ticking practically every box that’s out there right now with this new range.

"The trend is towards ash blonde, platinum blonde and ultra cold blonde. And we’re catering to that trend.

"And as usual women and stylists want everything inside one product & we’re giving them that too:

"Stylists want it to be quick. Well, Blondify is quick. Thanks to the super reactive pigments we put in, the processing time is exactly 10 minutes.

"Another big issue right now: stylists are looking for good quality toners in liquid form. Blondify is an oil-based liquid toner, with a 1+1 mix. It runs so easily and so well that you can mix it in an applicator bottle and be pouring it over your client’s hair in literally seconds. That’s a major advantage when time & staff are short in these post-COVID times.

"Stylists are also looking to work with low developer strengths. Not just for the hair quality, but also because they don’t want to bump up or touch their client’s dark base in any way.

"Well, Blondify works equally with 7 Vol., 10 Vol., and 20 Vol. You choose the lift you want and it will work.

"Lastly, clients want to know that the products that are going to be used for the color are going to be good for their hair. Blondify is an oil based liquid, so it’s incredibly conditioning. And it contains Bond Protect, as well as Argan Oil. This serves to strengthen the hair during the toning process as well as to soften it right afterwards ready for the blow drying."

Blondify is available in 2 colors, Natural Ash Blonde and Natural Violet Blonde. Ishan Dutta recommends that you use the Ash for brassy yellow level 8 hair & Violet for yellow-yellow level 9/10 hair.

More colors are due to come out starting from the New Year.

“We’re really famous for all our niche colors in cream whether it be purple grey, violet, dark cold blondes or violet blonde. No company really has the pigment range that we do. There’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t bring this color and pigment expertise to our liquid toner range as well,” says Ishan Dutta.

According to Sally Madison who heads up the product development, testing and lab development, the company has been working on this project for over 4 years.

The products have arrived in pre-launch quantities. More supplies are due to arrive in time for the holidays.
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Ugly Duckling CEO

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