Secure Hypervisor Configuration Made Simple with New Tool from DornerWorks, Ltd.

With DornerWorks Virtual Machine (VM) Composer, high-assurance system integrators now have a solution that can save significant time and resources, while helping them develop software that can be trusted. DornerWorks VM Composer is making it easier for anyone to develop and deploy virtualized high-assurance systems using a drag-and-drop interface, without a single line of code.

Grand Rapids, MI, December 22, 2021 --( This new product from DornerWorks Ltd. is helping high-assurance system integrators save significant time and resources, while implementing mathematically-proven security.

DornerWorks VM Composer is Security complexity, simplified.

DornerWorks Virtual Machine (VM) Composer is a configuration tool that makes it easy to develop and deploy virtualized high-assurance systems using a drag-and-drop interface, without a single line of code.

Modern software systems built for the US Warfighter demand ease of use, portability and modularity, and the seL4® microkernel is an ideal technology to meet this demand while enabling robust security due to its formal verification. seL4’s virtual machine manager (VMM) functionality can be used to host virtual machines (VM) supporting AMP, SMP, or a mix of both, on a multi-core processor, enabling richer software architectures using different operating systems.

However, it can be challenging to build a system hosting VMs from scratch with the tools that are currently available. A number of complex tools and related development expertise are required to configure and build an seL4-based CAmkES-ARM-VM solution with Linux VMs on the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC.

DornerWorks VM Composer eliminates the seL4 learning curve and enables developers to integrate these benefits into embedded systems in ground vehicles, aircraft, or other environments where SWaP and costs must be minimized.

Own your innovation with open source seL4

The seL4 microkernel is the first product of its kind, free of vendor-lock, which enables accelerated innovation and higher assurance systems leveraging seL4’s formal mathematical proof. DornerWorks VM Composer delivers streamlined access to the benefits of the seL4 microkernel, enabling organizations to quickly reconfigure platforms to operational requirements.

Multiple aerospace and defense OEMs are currently evaluating the VM Composer for use by their product development teams.

DornerWorks VM Composer offers ease of use and freedom from vendor lock that DoD organizations are eager to adopt. Combined with the robust layers of security seL4 enables, as backed up by a mathematical proof, the VM Composer is truly unique in its capability set.

DornerWorks engineers secure platforms from the ground up

DornerWorks engineers have become leaders in seL4 development, having worked, for the last several years, to expand the seL4 ecosystem with the team who originally developed the microkernel, as well as organizations in the seL4 Foundation, whose DornerWorks is an inaugural member of, and the Trusted Computing Center of Excellence (TCCoE), whose DornerWorks is a member of.

Find more information on the VM Composer, as well as a walk through of using the tool at
Matthew Russell