Secure Hypervisor Configuration Made Simple with New Tool from DornerWorks, Ltd.

With DornerWorks Virtual Machine (VM) Composer, high-assurance system integrators now have a solution that can save significant time and resources, while helping them develop software that can be trusted. DornerWorks VM Composer is making it easier for anyone to develop and deploy virtualized high-assurance systems using a drag-and-drop interface, without a single line of code. - December 22, 2021

DornerWorks Owner and Founder David K. Dorner Announces Transition, Welcomes New President Shawn Isenhoff

After 21 years of serving as the owner, founder, and president of DornerWorks, Ltd., David K. Dorner is passing on the president role and title to DornerWorks former executive vice president, Shawn Isenhoff. Dorner will continue to serve as owner of the company while Isenhoff will keep the company on its mission of helping customers focus on their core expertise through the same technology innovative solutions for which DornerWorks was founded. - July 03, 2021

Xilinx and DornerWorks Collaborate to Enable Next-Gen Machine Learning Solutions on Xilinx Kria SOM

Not too long ago, the path from algorithm to fielded machine learning (ML) model was a long and complex undertaking. Those with access to a ML expert with a working knowledge of neural network deployment might have options, but they were time consuming to develop. Xilinx has shortened that path... - May 01, 2021

DornerWorks Mobile App and Voice Assistant Control Demo Shows Accelerated Path to Connected Product Development

DornerWorks ESP32 Rapid Prototyping Board (RPB) makes it easy to build "smarter" devices. - September 05, 2020

DornerWorks Helps Accelerate Secure Software Solutions with New Pre-Configured seL4 Packages

DornerWorks seL4 configurations shorten the path to trusted software applications. - September 03, 2020

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