3joy Showed That Married Couples Are More Likely to be Non-Monogamy Than Single People

Threesome app - 3Joy releases that married couples are more likely to have a threesome than single people.

New York, NY, January 07, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Even though this is an open era, there are still many people who are skeptical about polygamy. They think non-monogamy and cheating are equated and believe monogamy is the norm. In fact, according to a 2016 study, only half of the millennials in the U.S. want fully monogamous relationships, and nearly one in five in the U.K people consider they are polygamous. Polygamy has become mainstream among young and old people.

Recently, the team of 3joy, a threesome dating app for singles and married couples, revealed a statistic that shows that 68% of registered users in 3joy are couples, with 80% of them being married couples. This data indicates that the number of married couples in 3joy has accounted for more than half of the total number of registrations. According to research conducted by the 3joy team, nearly 33.59 percent of married couples in the U.S. have suggested the idea of a threesome hookup date in their second year of marriage. And couples who are in a long-term relationship make up an even higher percentage of the threesome dating population.

Polygamy has some very obvious benefits. A paper published in the Psychology & Sexuality journal reports that when a married couple is in an open relationship or an atypical type of marriage, they are about 20% happier than those in monogamous marriages. This is because this more open relationship means that there will be fewer restrictions on the couple to each other, which will make the lives of both people more fulfilling. And a study in the Journal of Sex Research reported that Google searches for the terms "polygamy" and "open relationship" increased from January 2006 to December 2015.

The team of 3joy found that non-monogamy people tend to maintain a wide range of interpersonal, and they are more likely to have a broader social network of relationships that encompasses not just sexual relations but other social relationships as well in the 2014 review paper. Individuals in non-monogamy relationships are better communicators, more open to their partners, and able to understand and trust each other. They are more tolerant, have less of an aggressive personality in this group, and are less likely to completely cut ties after a breakup. Therefore, overall relationship satisfaction with the spousal relationship is likely to be higher than that of people in monogamous relationships. This would explain why the swinger lifestyle is so attractive to married couples.

Monogamy and polygamy are more like two choices, and people have the right to maintain a relationship that they want. Discussing sex and sexual exploration shouldn't be taboo either. The topic of sex will never stop being explored. A relationship that is truly rewarding for both parties and where both parties get real pleasure out of the relationship is truly rewarding. If you are a threesome attendee seeker, then you can look for a dating partner now. Never let the prejudices of society, and the opinions of others, bind you to your desire for polygamy.
Justin Robert