OrthoLift – New Product for Post-Operative Knee Brace Alignment

Making a difference for post-operative knee surgery patients.

OrthoLift – New Product for Post-Operative Knee Brace Alignment
Hoover, AL, January 10, 2022 --(PR.com)-- OrthoLift, a new, FDA-listed product to assist patients with post-operative knee brace alignment, is now available to consumers nationwide.

Dr. Bryan Balentine designed OrthoLift after he had surgery to repair a torn ACL. Post-surgery, he was given the typical one-size-fits-all leg brace for recovery.

“It dropped constantly,” says Dr. Balentine, “If I tightened the straps, the brace would not move, but the straps acted like a tourniquet around my already swollen knee.” The extra swelling limited his range of motion and impeded rehabilitation. Inspired by his own experience, Balentine designed OrthoLift, the first universal post-operative knee brace attachment. It helps maintain the brace’s proper alignment and position, which allows you to walk comfortably during your recovery.

With OrthoLift, a patient can more easily follow doctor’s orders for exercise and care when their brace fits comfortably and stays in place. A therapy manager at a large regional hospital stated, “OrthoLift is perfect for patients who may be discouraged with the constant adjusting of their brace. It will help patients who want to be compliant but struggle with their knee brace and the constant adjustments.”

Easy to use, OrthoLift allows the patient to keep their knee brace in proper alignment while standing in a vertical position or while walking. The handle also provides an additional grip to assist the patient with the repositioning of their leg from a seated to a laying position in a safe and comfortable manner. The OrthoLift fits all major US post-operative, hinged knee braces and is easily installed in 3 simple steps.

Available through the company website, Ortho-Lift.com, this product is made in the USA and manufactured at Bright Plastics in Greensboro, NC. Bright Plastics is an innovative industry leader in injection molding and plastic parts for the medical industry and is ISO 13485:2016 Certified – for the manufacture and distribution of custom injection molded products for the medical sector and FDA Registered – for their ISO 7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom. Bright Plastics is able to successfully create and test components designed for consumer use, manufacturability and competitive advantage.

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