ECRID, the New Publicly Traded Credit Bureau, Wants to Change the Entire Credit Industry

ECRID, the New Publicly Traded Credit Bureau, Wants to Change the Entire Credit Industry
Stuart, FL, January 13, 2022 --( The new publicly traded Credit Bureau, ECRID (Stock Symbol: ECDD), endeavors to become the disruptor of change and a model of advancement in the major credit industry and provide ease for individuals, businesses and families, as well. As successful, this will be the first time in American history a credit bureau lends money to those who simply sign up and become an ECRID credit report holder and can finance their homes, automobiles and personal loans through its lending division.

ECRID's Lending Division intends to operate initially as a tier 1 improvement lender, operating under its own and proprietary underwriting guidelines and advocates also to open the door for people who have had bankruptcies, collections and judgements through the other main credit bureaus, but are credit worthy. The system creates a report and opportunity to still get approved for a home, a car or a personal loan through ECRID because of a satisfactory income to debt ratio analysis that weighs heavy under the ECRID Credit Approval model alongside the ECRID Credit Report.

ECRIDs business to customer relationship creates the opportunity for any ECRID Credit Report Holder to have full control of their ECRID Credit Report by simply paying monthly bills through the ECRID Bill Pay Portal. The monthly payments through the ECRID Bill Pay portal updates right away and individuals can access their ECRID Credit Report instantly, the moment they pay each one, eliminating a third party like the existing credit bureaus operate under. This New (ECRID) disruptive financial tech and publicly traded company eliminates the possibility of any inaccurate information ever being reported on the members ECRID Credit Report.

Note: You can purchase shares in this current ECRID IPO (Initial Public Offering) by going to and clicking on the "click to buy shares" IPO button.
Cleveland Gary