Enhance Token Has Launched a Dual Tokenomics BEP-20 Automatic Deployment Token That Rewards 11% Safemoon

Enhance token has launched a dual tokenomics, a reflection-based token system, to offer safemoon holders 11% safemoon, increasing their total earnings and another 3% for holding safemoon.

Enhance Token Has Launched a Dual Tokenomics BEP-20 Automatic Deployment Token That Rewards 11% Safemoon
New York, NY, January 14, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Enhance Token has launched a Dual Tokenomic, BEP-20 token as a reflection-based reward system for new investors as well as those who hold Safemoon cryptocurrency. The token is unique in that it rewards investors for holding. Holders earn a combined 11% reflection for holding Enhance, in addition to an extra 3% from Safemoon for holding their cryptocurrency.

The Dual tokenomics, SafeMoon rewards token is one of a kind and has the potential to significantly increase the overall earning and profitability for everyone investing in Safemoon.

About Enhance Token
Enhance Token (https://enhancetoken.net/) is a venture by loyal Safemoon holders and community members who believe in the potential of cryptocurrency and want to create a system that maximizes the holdings of all, as Safemoon's value rises.

The core team behind this venture includes Chase Coleman (@Safemoonace), Zee Ahmed (@ZeeeAhmed), Rio McFarland (@SafeMoonHipneck), and Matthew Hudson (@TheH_U_D). Between the four of them, they make a team with a wide range of experience and skills, allowing them to adapt rapidly in today’s cryptocurrency market.

This understanding is what makes Enhance Token an exemplary venture. Their trust in Safemoon is backed by market knowledge and foresight, while their innovative solutions under the Enhance Token umbrella have a secure and high rate of return for everyone who is holding Safemoon or conducting transactions using cryptocurrency.

About Dual Tokenomics
Enhance Token’s Dual Tokenomics is an application of the reflection-based token system that typically rewards you for holding more than a specified amount of a cryptocurrency. In order to benefit from Enhance Token’s Dual Tokenomics Bep-20 Automatic Deployment Token, all that is required is that you:

1. Buy and hold Enhance
2. Add SafeMoon to your wallet.

You can get more information by looking through the instructions shared on the website EnhanceToken.net, or by joining the Telegram group at, T.me/enhanceofficial. After purchasing Enhance, you will be able to get the Dual Tokenomics benefit of 11% more Safemoon for holding in addition to a bonus of 3% reflections on the SafeMoon you now hold.

Safemoon V2
Safemoon V2, the upcoming version of the cryptocurrency, is bringing about several improvements in the operational dynamics of the currency. Some of the core changes will be improvements in safety, accessibility, and quality.

The V2 version can be downloaded by downloading the Safemoon wallet, which is instrumental to the process and is predicted to become a prominent feature of the cryptocurrency. The V2 version will also remove the 10% fee for transferring the cryptocurrency and replace it with a 2% tax on transactions and transfers, which will help it transition into the commerce side officially and become more recognized.

Enhance Token Shop
Enhance Token is a venture with diverse expertise. Hence, while they are working to improve profitability through wallets and Dual Tokenomics, they have also developed energy drinks, gear, P2E Gaming, Poker Table, and similar incredible products for you to purchase. The profits from these products will go to LP injections, through our B.R.G.T., (Business Revenue Generated Tokenomics) method, raising our floor and increasing the overall value of Enhance.

Their shop link is https://enhancetoken.net/shop.html, so make sure you check it out while buying the tokens and get yourself some gear.

Company Contact Information
Enhance Token is a venture connected to Safemoon and leverages several technological and strategic offerings with reflection-based tokens to reward new investors, as well as loyal holders of Safemoon. More information about the organization is available at their website (https://enhancetoken.net/) or via email hq@enhancetoken.net.
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