Slice Out Hunger Manny & Olga's Pizza

Manny & Olga’s Pizza Joins America’s Biggest Pizza Delivery on National Pizza Day.

Slice Out Hunger Manny & Olga's Pizza
Washington, DC, February 08, 2022 --( In celebration of National Pizza Day, local pizzeria Manny & Olga’s Pizza will join pizzerias across the country to feed the hungry through the Pizza Across America campaign on February 9. This event is the largest pizza delivery in America, with more than 200 pizzerias participating in all 50 states, and all pizzas will be delivered to shelters and soup kitchens. The campaign is coordinated by Slice Out Hunger, a nationwide nonprofit that fights food insecurity through pizza-themed campaigns and events. This year will be Manny & Olga’s Pizza’s first time participating in Pizza Across America.

Manny & Olga’s Pizza will be donating over 100 Pizza’s to local homeless shelters on February 9, 2022.

“We understand the importance of taking care our community. As a family owned business we are honored to participate in brining joy to those in need,” says Georgia Athanasakis of Manny & Olga’s Pizza.

Pizza Across America co-founder Carmine Testa believes this program is an important way for pizzerias, who depend on local customers, to give back and support their communities. “In my eyes, the best way to celebrate National Pizza Day is by helping others and giving back to our local communities,” Testa said. “We are thrilled to have Manny & Olga’s Pizza participating in our largest pizza delivery yet, and we couldn’t do it with their support!”

First developed by World Pizza Champions member Carmine Testa with his sons Michael and Nicky, known nationally as the Jersey Pizza Boys, and the nonprofit Slice Out Hunger, the campaign kicked off in 2018. This is the program’s fifth year. To find out more about Pizza Across America, please visit For more information about Manny & Olga’s Pizza, please visit

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