New Multi-Sensory Bird Control Technology Disk Efficacy Rate Revealed in Four-Year Univeristy Study

A four-year university study was released by Bird Barrier America, as a first of its kind scientific study of a new multi-sensory technology disk using an all-natural materials. The study focused on the pigeon, the most common pest bird worldwide and the disk, Optical Gel, proved a one hundred percent efficacy rate of keeping pest birds and their nesting away from buildings and structures for up to 2 years and more.

New Multi-Sensory Bird Control Technology Disk Efficacy Rate Revealed in Four-Year Univeristy Study
Los Angeles, CA, March 10, 2022 --( A four-year study conducted by the University of Pisa was released today by Bird Barrier America as a white paper report. The university findings were a first of its kind in the scientific study of multi-sensory technology using bird control disks.

The study focused on the most common pest bird worldwide, the pigeon (Columba livia), whose roosting and nesting patterns are found to be most problematic in commercial buildings. Bird nesting materials and droppings are known to carry disease and can be a public health risk.

Known as Optical Gel, the disk contains natural materials including citronella, peppermint oil, agar and beeswax. This disk does not contain polybutylene and is keeping with the harm-free gel deterrents as recommended by the Humane Society.

"Bird Barrier has for a long time felt there was a multi-sensory technology that could repel birds humanely," said Cameron Riddell, president of Bird Barrier America. "We've been more than pleased with the results of the Pisa trials," he continued. "We have been blown away by the 100% efficacy rate right out of the gate."

The Optical Gel disc is currently the only tested and proven high pressure multi-sensory professional grade bird repellent. It is classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) and contains no pesticides.

Due to the 100% efficacy rate found in the University of Pisa study, and with the addition of hundreds of installation trials around the U.S., Riddell announced, “Bird Barrier America will now offer a two-year guarantee for Optical Gel when installed per our company's instructions." He further stated, “We have seen no failures when the product is installed correctly, and we have university data to back our claims. This has truly become a game-changer in the pest and bird control industry."
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White Paper: Optical Gel (Multi-Sensory Disk)

White Paper: Optical Gel (Multi-Sensory Disk)

The white paper report on the four-year study on the new multi-sensory technology disk for bird control.