Joe Malvasio of Global Capital Partners Fund Opens Doors to Affiliate Brokers Worldwide

The private lender recruits foreign brokers through an online application form to expand its global reach.

Joe Malvasio of Global Capital Partners Fund Opens Doors to Affiliate Brokers Worldwide
New York, NY, March 14, 2022 --( Global Capital Partners Fund chairman Joe Malvasio has reportedly announced a new opportunity for commercial real estate brokers across the world to join the firm without leaving their countries of residence. The hard money lender has introduced a “Become an Affiliate” section on the company website, featuring an online application form for potential brokers.

An affiliate broker is a licensed authority who works as an agent for another broker. They attract customers on their associate’s behalf and divide commissions with the broker. According to a report by Zippia, affiliate brokerage is a fledgling career path that’s expected to grow by seven percent between 2018 and 2028. Malvasio has tapped into these budding professionals to expand GCP Fund’s reach across the globe.

“It wouldn’t be sensible to erect offices in foreign countries without researching their market first,” said a written press release by GCP Fund. “Although we’re aware that commercial lending is a global phenomenon, we’re not aware of the existing competition abroad. By launching this affiliate program, we hope to attract licensed professionals from different countries to attract foreign borrowers, get a feel for the competition, explore the overseas market, and spread the word about our international financial solutions.”

The commercial lender intends to use the affiliate program as a marketing tool to advertise its multimillion-dollar loans to borrowers worldwide. Under Malvasio’s chairmanship, the company has funded several projects across the US and Canada, ranging between $1MM and $100MM. These include capital for acquiring, renovating, remodeling, building, reselling, expanding, or leasing warehouses, hotels, motels, inns, mixed-use properties, multifamily properties, restaurants, churches, hospitals, department stores, gas stations, raw land, and other forms of commercial real estate.

With this latest endeavor, the Malvasio will be able to help overseas developers, investors, and contractors diversify their portfolios through several short-term and permanent financing programs, such as asset-based loans, structured joint venture financing, mezzanine financing, construction financing, and private loans.

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Joseph Malvasio is the chairman of Global Capital Partners Fund, LLC, an international commercial lender based in New York City. The company grants various loans for the acquisition and development of raw land and properties primarily across North America to the tune of $1MM–$100MM. The firm’s loan terms include perks not included in conventional loans. For more information, visit the website given below.

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