Joe Malvasio of GCP Fund Sustains the Hospitality Industry During the COVID-19 Crisis

The commercial lender shares in the losses and profits of borrowers through structured joint venturing financing.

Joe Malvasio of GCP Fund Sustains the Hospitality Industry During the COVID-19 Crisis
New York, NY, March 16, 2022 --( There has been renewed interest in the structured joint venture financing program offered by GCP Fund, a private lender of commercial loans chaired by Joe Malvasio. The recent interest came in the wake of the brief recession that continues to hit the hospitality sector particularly hard.

In 2020, USA Today reported major upheaval to the standard operating procedures of restaurants, hotels, and almost every business in the hospitality and retail sector due to the ongoing pandemic. The report also mentioned that several hotels and restaurants had already started cutting their losses by letting employees go or putting them on furloughs. Malvasio has attributed the recent surge in structured joint venture financing applications to the crisis.

While explaining how he made the connection, the GCP Fund chairman said, “Well, for starters, we’ve been getting an increasing number of applications by hotel owners wanting us to partner up with them and take over the management. These establishments are fueled by air travel, which is still on the unpredictable side. The newer hoteliers and restaurant owners have never dealt with a crisis this big, but we’ve seen our fair share of them, and we’re only too happy to step in.”

The company’s structured joint venture financing is based on the principle of joint ventures, meaning two parties may be partners in the legal sense, but the nature of their partnership may vary to accomplish certain tasks. GCP Fund’s financing solution aims to “create value” for the borrower’s venture through asset rehabilitation, property management, business management, and so on.

Apart from structured joint venture financing, Joe Malvasio has brought several other financing programs to the proverbial table, such as permanent financing, construction financing, mezzanine financing, and bridge financing.

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