Master Daniel Austin, Founder of the "School of Interpressionism," Released His Revolutionary Autobiography and It Struck a Chord with Art Circles Across the Globe

“The Sage does not talk, the Talented Ones talk, the Stupid Ones argue. The One that creates always gives it back for the continuing progress of mankind.”

Master Daniel Austin, Founder of the "School of Interpressionism," Released His Revolutionary Autobiography and It Struck a Chord with Art Circles Across the Globe
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, March 11, 2022 --( Impressionism, Expressionism, Pop Art, Cubism – these are all words that people casually throw around as they stroll through art galleries with posh drinks in their hands. They "ooh" and "aah" at the different colors, textures, and brush strokes, applauding the artist at a job well done. Unfortunately, it has become the truth of our time that very few young minds truly grasp what each artwork is trying to reveal to them. Even more so, young people are simply unwilling to let their creative spirits out and truly engage their minds in the incredible world of art.

Master Daniel Austin recognized this very real problem quite early on, since 1989. He realized that art students nowadays simply refused to put their own twist into the work they created. Instead, they focused on studying, reimagining, and replicating the great artists of the past. To Master Daniel, this simply came off as lazy, unimaginative art production that didn’t even deserve a spot in art galleries or showings. If artists didn’t want to think outside of the box or create original pieces, what was their art even worth?

Blaming the young students alone wouldn’t be fair. They are taught to replicate and reproduce in art schools across the globe, so they naturally end up following that direction. But this form of artistic plagiarism needs to stop, and Master Daniel Austin has taken the first steps to put an end to this cycle of Déjà vu and encourage our young creatives to paint, sculpt and create what lies in their hearts.

In this autobiography, Master Daniel Austin introduces his life, his art, and the Interpressionism Movement to the audience. He reveals to the world exactly how the Interpressionism Movement was initiated, the rich history behind the cause, and what he hopes to achieve from it. Featuring an extensive gallery of original artwork, Austin creates a deep appreciation for the Interpressionism brushstroke.

But perhaps more importantly, he pleas to young artists across the world to let out their individualism and become living, breathing representations of this original art. He requests teachers and trainers to beak the status quo system of teaching by offering a fascinating look at how much can be achieved through originality, creativity, and constructive criticism. He has taken a stand for the art world, are you brave enough to join him?

About Master Daniel Austin
Master Daniel Austin is a revolutionary in the art world. Initiating his Interpressionism movement in 1989, he introduced a form of art that connects the abstract to the real. His fascinating work brings together the formal elements of our world and blends them into the informal elements of art through precise brushstrokes that leave the viewer in awe. Master Austin Daniel is dedicated to his movement and continuously works to challenge the status quo through it.

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