Professor Ted Hopf Joins the University of Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies; Announces Titles of Upcoming Works in 2022

The renowned academic is known for his co-edited and solo-authored books and research published in numerous prestigious international publications.

Professor Ted Hopf Joins the University of Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies; Announces Titles of Upcoming Works in 2022
Singapore, Singapore, March 24, 2022 --( After making his mark at renowned educational institutions like the prestigious National University of Singapore's Department of Political Science, Ohio University, the University of Michigan, and the Ohio State University, Ted Hopf recently announced that he had joined the Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies as a research faculty member. He was also appointed as the Cluster Leader of the Identities Cluster for three years in the ARI (Asia Research Institute). The renowned political science expert is known for his unwavering contributions in research on topics concerning international relations, political sciences, and more.

After completing his bachelor's degree from Princeton University and Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University, the uber-successful academic solo-authored many books, articles, and published journals, with some being co-authored and co-edited with other prominent figures in the discipline. He has also supervised over 40 Ph.D. dissertations and taught courses on social theory, qualitative methods, international relations, food politics, the rise of China, and politics of identity, among other topics.

Hopf's recent book-related, published works include Social Construction of International Politics: Identities and Foreign Policies, Peripheral Visions: Deterrence Theory and American Foreign Policy in the Third World, Social Construction of the International Politics, and Understandings of Russian foreign policy. The academic was also a part of building a national identity database and relating the findings to the history and theory of international order. The initial results from the project were published in Making Identity Count: Building a National Identity Database. The renowned professor has announced that he's currently working on another book manuscript along with performing his duties as a research fellow at the Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies.

The book, titled "A Constructivist History of Khrushchev's Cold War, 1958-1964," follows the international award-winning, "Reconstructing the Cold War: The Early Years, 1945-1958." The first volume of the book focused on the constructivist accounts of Soviet foreign relations in the Cold War. The book won many prestigious accolades, including The Marshall D. Shulman Book Prize, the Robert L. Jervis, and Paul W. Schroeder Best Book Award. It has garnered the interest of academics looking to learn more about Stalin's last years in power, as the book promises to be a breakthrough in the IR theory fields.

In 2013, the American Political Science Association (APSA) received an unusually large number of nomination-worthy publications. According to sources, the number exceeded 70 titles for the work submitted to APSA to win the Robert Jervis-Paul Schroeder award, which recognized the outstanding contributions to the study of history and international relations.

Judges Karen Alter, Andrew Yeo, and Michael Barnett (chair) unanimously applauded Hopf's observations in the "Reconstructing The Cold War: The Early Years, 1945-1958." They were particularly impressed by the scholar's deep knowledge about space and time, along with his thoughtful employment of cultural analysis, and extensively used primary and archived resources to back his postulation. They noted that Hopf's deep understanding and historical and cultural reading enabled him to unveil the specifics of Soviet history and use them to speak to widen debates in the IRT.

Speaking about the upcoming sequel, a spokesperson working with Ted Hopf shared, "The upcoming volume of Hopf's manuscript relates the discourses of Soviet national identity at home as a socialist country ravaged by a recent war at the forefront of the world revolutionary movement to its foreign relations with China, the US, Europe, and the rapidly decolonizing world."

Recently, the prestigious Cambridge University also announced its partnership with the renowned science author cum professor. It was revealed that they've collaborated to publish an upcoming book, 'conceptualizing International Practices,' which involves directions for the practice turn witnessed within the IR discourse. The volume has been co-edited by Christian Bueger from the University of Copenhagen, Alena Drieschova from the University of Cambridge, and Ted Hopf, formerly a part of the National University of Singapore. The book is expected to hit the stores in 2022.

Ted Hopf's Co-Edited Book, "Understandings of Russian Foreign Policy," also made its mark as it helped gain new insights into how contemporary Russia conducted its foreign affairs post the fall of communism. The volume was deemed revolutionary as it encapsulated the credible contributions of numerous renowned scholars and professors that' have provided insights with approaches ranging from novel spatial-cultural frameworks to Lacanian psychoanalysis of sweeping the historical research. The work is particularly valuable for scholars interested in innovative and diverse IR theories concerning the post-Soviet region.

Eunsook Chung, Andrea Lopez, Henrikki Heikka, Sergei Medvedev Christer Pursianen, and Hiroshi Kimura have also contributed to the book's success. They've employed several conventional approaches, but Ted Hopf's approach, constructivism, or theories about the "democratic peace" has received commendable success when applied to critical empirical cases, including the Russian behavior in "near abroad" or the Chechen War.

Ted Hopf's published work includes extensive literature on the social construction of international politics, international order IR theory, Russian politics, Moscow's foreign relations, and Soviet Union politics. Hopf's works have garnered endless praises from leading academics worldwide. They've also been an important part of prestigious publications, including the American Political Science Review, the European Journal of International Relations Review of International Studies, and many more.

"The Distribution of identity and the Future of International Order: China's Hegemonic Prospects," a recent work by professor Hopf, was published in the International Organization. It made it to the Washington Post's list of "Top Ten Best Works on Political Economy" and was granted the famed Ablie award in 2018.

Professor Theodore G Hopf's inimitable literature was awarded another prize to acknowledge his contributions to the field. Hopf's article ''Change in International Practices' was awarded the 'Best Article' in the EJIR (European Journal of International Relations). "The prize recognizes the crucial role of theoretical pluralism and theories in and for international relations in Europe. It's awarded to writers who elaborate any novel idea or contribute significantly to the already existing debates concerning the discipline of IR. According to the panelists, Hopf's article went a notch further as it offered a particularly clear, rigorous, and thought-provoking analysis and an impetus for further research," continued the representative.

International Security, known for publishing well-documented, lucid essays on a broad range of contemporary topics on historical, theoretical, and policy-related issues and developments in the sphere of international relations, has also published many essays authored and edited by professor Ted Hopf, including, "The Promise of Constructivism in International Relations Theory."

The Mershon Center, the Singapore Ministry of Education, the American Council for Learned Societies, the Ford Foundation, and the Davis and Olin Centers at Harvard University have shown support for the former vice-chairperson of the Board of Directors of the National Council for Eurasian and East European Research and the Fulbright Professor at the European University, St. Petersburg, via grants.

Various prestigious educational institutions like the University of Tampere, Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Stockholm, Harvard University, Department of Government, Cambridge University, Cardiff University, and several other renowned institutions have also invited Hopf to speak about his research work. Links to some of the many podcasts, along with hard copy and e-books plus published articles, are available for free access on Ted Hopf's official website. Those interested can use the information below to visit the site or email him to find out more.

About Theodore Hopf
Ted Hopf, born in 1959, is a leading figure in academia, well-known for his credible research work in social sciences, political sciences, and international relations theory. Hopf is also known for being a reputable professor at various prestigious educational institutions. After graduating from Princeton and Columbia University, he has written and edited multiple books, publications, journals, and articles. He is currently working as a research fellow at the University of Helsinki Collegium.

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