Haizol Allows Customers to Stay Home & Purchase as Usual with Their On-Demand Platform

Haizol Allows Customers to Stay Home & Purchase as Usual with Their On-Demand Platform
London, United Kingdom, April 04, 2022 --(PR.com)-- In China, a new wave of COVID has hit many parts of the country. In an attempt to curb the spread, many communities have been closed due to epidemic prevention requirements, public places have been suspended, restaurants are prohibited from dine-in and manufacturing enterprises have completely shut down production.

Factory production is halted, project start-up is delayed and materials are in short supply. Under these circumstances, buyers looking to procure parts are not able to enter China, and it can be difficult for procured products to come in and out.

Now that COVID has forced the cities in China to slow down once again, it is more important than ever for business to make changes and adapt positively.

In order to encourage the stable development and progression of the manufacturing industry and to mitigate the issues now faced by buyers globally, Haizol actively responded by utilizing their digital manufacturing platform. Haizol’s platform, enabling buyers to procure efficiently, ensures every order is authentic and greatly shortens the sourcing cycle time.

Haizol have launched an initiative to facilitate the connection between buyers and suppliers, by helping buyers to release a quote for their projects, whilst encouraging suppliers to embrace "cloud ordering." Using the mobile app, WeChat, buyers can source suppliers via Haizol’s online app, filtered by process, region, industry, equipment, scale, output value, qualifications and certifications. This allows intelligent match-making to efficiently find suppliers. The app also allows users to view the project in real-time, communicate with suppliers and get speedy responses from both Haizol and the suppliers directly.

Buyers are also able to search for parts and components from pictures using AI recognition, being matched to suitable factories in 1 second and obtaining quotations in 24 hours. Haizol offers real-time sourcing, breaking the limitations of traditional sourcing, allowing efficient searching for factories anytime, anywhere.

Haizol aims to help buyers worldwide achieve digital, intelligent and transparent on-demand, custom manufacturing, leveraging the engineering design capabilities and manufacturing capabilities of the platform. It offers a full package of services from structural design, process design, material selection, production and processing, quality inspection, product packaging and logistics.

Currently, Haizol has partnered with over 600,000 factories covering major processes including machining, sheet metal, stamping, injection molding, casting, mold making and surface treatments. Almost 2,000 high-quality suppliers in shipping, aerospace and other fields have helped buyers from more than 100 countries to procure their parts and products.

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Jennifer Grant