China Tourism Industry to Remain Eventful in Future

WTO accession and forthcoming international events are bringing cheers for the China tourism industry as the country is experiencing huge tourist influx from all corners of the world.

Delhi, India, May 18, 2008 --( The Chinese tourism industry is reaching new heights with each passing year. Over the years, China has not only emerged as an attractive tourist destination but also as a prominent tourist generating country. Consequently, in recent years, China became the world’s fourth largest international tourist hub, says “China Tourism Industry Analysis (2007-2011)”, a research report by RNCOS. The report has identified the reasons making China a tourism giant in the world.

According to the report, economic growth and reforms are creating favorable conditions for the Chinese tourism industry to flourish in coming years. But one of the major reasons for the high activity in the tourism industry of China is its accession to the WTO that gave a new direction to the Chinese tourism industry. This has further opened up the country to trade and investment opportunities, thus accelerating its liberalization and opening it to the developed world.

Apart from this, the Chinese government is extending its full support and has already adopted several measures to promote the industry on a large scale. Besides, China is going to host several international events (including 2008 Olympics and 2010 Shanghai Expo) that will draw tourists from all over the world, thereby spurring growth in the tourism industry of the country. Due to these factors, growth in international tourism receipts by the industry exceeded 58% in 2007 over 2006, says the RNCOS research.

“China Tourism Industry Analysis (2007-2011)” has examined each segment of the tourism industry thoroughly, including tourist arrivals, spending, and receipts, to identify its future potential. It has offered detailed statistical analysis on the current and future market trends of the segments of tourism industry, and has studied the factors, like disposable income, urbanization, and currency, driving the industry towards growth. The research has comprehensively analyzed the industry to identify leading edge opportunities that are critical to the success of China’s tourism industry. Besides through analysis of the industry, the report also provides forecast on revenue generation and international tourism receipts and more.

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