GCP Fund LLC's President Joe Malvasio Continues Making His Mark in the Private Lending Industry by Helping Hundreds of New Business Ventures Acquire Asset-Based Loans

Joe Malvasio's team at GCP Funds helps entrepreneurs streamline accelerated financing solutions designed according to every business's unique needs.

GCP Fund LLC's President Joe Malvasio Continues Making His Mark in the Private Lending Industry by Helping Hundreds of New Business Ventures Acquire Asset-Based Loans
New York, NY, April 20, 2022 --(PR.com)-- The latest report by Consumer Credit Review highlighted that approximately 17% of Americans struggle with a poor credit score with only 19% having fair credit, and only 1.3% having a perfect credit score.

In addition, millions of Americans are struggling to regain their financial footing after an investigation from Consumer Reports revealed that over 34% of Americans can find at least one mistake on their credit reports.

It has wreaked havoc on those looking for funds to finance their businesses, houses, and other endeavors as credit reports are used for determining the pricing and eligibility for credit cards, home purchases, apartment leases, insurance policies, loans, and more. President of Global Capital Partners Fund, Joe Malvasio, believes credit scores aren't enough to judge whether a person or company is liable for a loan.

"Often, I've had a pleasant experience working with franchisees or small business owners with a bad personal credit score due to divorce, illness, or other extenuating circumstances. It's important to remember that sometimes, even the most deserving of people could have credit issues for reasons beyond their control. Unfortunately, that's considered a real barrier to entry into the business world for most. My vision for GCP Fund is to use the expertise and skills of my team to change the narrative. We help businesses of all sizes streamline easy and flexible asset-based loans to help them unlock liquidity and funds required to make the business flourish," shared a senior partner from the private lending firm.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Joseph Malvasio is a role model in his line of work. His lending company has closed hundreds of commercial loans, starting from a million dollars to $100 million.

The company's tailored financing solutions help business and property owners, investors, and developers of local and international projects streamline the funds required to succeed in their endeavors. The company combines experience and knowledge with strategic relationships to provide individuals and companies seeking asset-based loans with desirable terms and conditions. They have a wide network of international lenders offering flexible rates and payment terms on long-term and short-term loans.

Malvasio believes hard money loans are better than conventional loans because paying them off is much less complicated. His company offers new and old investors eight different commercial lending options through easy approvals and super-quick funding.

Using his wide range of experience and expertise, Joe Malvasio designs customized financial plans tailored to clients' requirements. He works closely with each client and understands their concerns, which helps him to develop long-term business relationships with them.

Further details about loan types, applications, and structures are available on the company website.

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Joe Malvasio is the president of the Global Capital Partners Fund president. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, he helped numerous clients invest successfully in the commercial real estate market by providing hassle-free acquisition and commercial financing solutions with flexible terms.

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