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Tribeca Capital Group’s PG&E Wildfire Lawsuit Loans Provide Pre-Settlement Funding to Victims Needing Immediate Financial Relief

California’s Wildfire Victims Can Receive up to 15% of Their Lawsuit Settlement Within Days Through Tribeca’s New Line of Legal Funding

Tribeca Capital Group’s PG&E Wildfire Lawsuit Loans Provide Pre-Settlement Funding to Victims Needing Immediate Financial Relief
Los Angeles, CA, April 27, 2022 --( Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, an organization offering legal funding to clients involved in pending lawsuits, is looking to help victims of California’s recent wildfires. Tribeca’s new PG&E Wildfire Lawsuit Loans are intended to help individuals affected by the Dixie, Calder, Paradise, and Sonoma Wine Country fires.

Although the PG&E Fire Victim Trust was established to manage claims and provide compensation, people may need to wait months, if not years, before receiving their full settlement. In the meantime, many victims are struggling to pay rent, purchase food, and meet their basic needs; some are already experiencing homelessness.

“Our lawsuit loans can provide quick financial relief for those who have lost everything in the wake of California’s devastating fires. That includes loved ones, homes, belongings, and pets,” says Bradley Braun, Director of Technology. “We want to do whatever we can to help those who need money right now to relocate and start over.”

PG&E has been held responsible in the past for other California wildfires. For instance, the 2018 Camp Fire caused an estimated $16.65 billion in damages. It burned through 154,000 acres, took the lives of 85 people, destroyed 20,000 homes, businesses, and other structures, and forced the evacuation of 52,000 residents.

Through Tribeca’s new program, California wildfire victims can receive up to 15% of their anticipated pre-settlement funding (i.e., $150,000 of a $1 million settlement) once the court has reached an award determination for their case. The final settlement for these cases is dependent on a number of factors, including the total individual claims compared to the complete settlement fund (based partly on PG&E stock value funding the trust).

To apply for Tribeca’s pre-settlement lawsuit funding, victims of California’s wildfires can call (866) 388-2288 or visit Applicants will need a Fire Victim Trust claim form and proof of damages to get started.

Tribeca Capital Group has over ten years of experience helping personal injury plaintiffs turn litigation into cash. Lawsuit loan funds can be used to meet immediate everyday expenses, such as rent and food, or for meeting long-term goals like rebuilding or purchasing a home after wildfire devastation.

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