OTT Pipeline Network, Aperteur, by Production and Marketing Firm Starbaby Enterprises Launches with Debut Event at Haswell Greens

OTT Pipeline Network, Aperteur, by Production and Marketing Firm Starbaby Enterprises Launches with Debut Event at Haswell Greens
New York, NY, May 20, 2022 --( Aperteur is a new OTT platform aimed at bridging the gap between creatives and decision-makers in the entertainment industry. Led by Starbaby Enterprises’s Jordan Elizabeth Gelber CEO and Founder, the platform has created a virtual ecosystem where content creators can confidently share their artistic visions with the world, directly connect with their audience, and make empowered decisions about their future through the power of OTT, available on Roku.

“It’s hard to be a creator in a world with so much noise, and artists have a tough enough time as it is,” Gelber explains. “I wanted to develop something that would help shape the way stories are told, while giving more power to those who tell them. I think Aperteur does exactly that.”

Aperteur is happy to be partnering with leading OTT solution Endavo Media as they continue their mission to empower creators to take their careers into their own hands. With this partnership, the team can magnify unique digital assets from around the world and serve as a pipeline for unearthed talent to burst into the mainstream.

Here are some shows they are excited to launch with:

A Handful of Rust
After Inheriting her families junkyard when her father dies unexpectedly, Simone makes eccentric punk music with her troubled, savant younger brother while battling their short-fused mother intent on sending him away. A Handful of Rust is a volatile coming-of-age story about redefining life after death, salvaging beauty from decay, and collaborative music-making as a vessel of perseverance through harsh realities.

When NBA superstar Jay Tyrell is arrested for soliciting drugs and prostitution, he hires sober companion Nick Foster to keep him on the straight and narrow. Can Nick help this star shine again or will Jay slide into relapse and irrelevance?

High Flying Jade
Walking the line between mindfulness and adrenaline rush, an American, bipolar, aerialist tries to reconcile her suicidal inclinations, her past life as an air traffic controller, and the pressures of training for opening night at the Vietnamese circus.

The Circle
The Circle follows two couples who decide to leave their poky apartments in Sydney and Melbourne for a new, more affordable life in Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

Where The Water Takes Us
Exploring the personal transformation of twenty undergraduates as they sail a Brigantine in the Caribbean for 40 days, seeing first-hand the impacts of colonialism and climate change.

Wild Lands Wild Horses
Two wild horse photographers set out on a whirlwind journey spanning 150+ acres of wild west lands to find the truth and beauty behind America’s most beloved icon, the wild horse.

You can watch them at:

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