Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)
Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)

i4cp Research: Roe v Wade Causing Disruption in the Workplace, Most Employers do Not Plan to Address It

Nearly a third of U.S. employers report the looming Roe v Wade SCOTUS decision causing disruption in the workplace, according to new data from research firm i4cp.

Seattle, WA, June 10, 2022 --( New data from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) shows that most U.S. employers are taking a wait and see approach to the Row v Wade situation, despite a third reporting that the pending Supreme Court decision is causing divisiveness in the workplace.

Of the 366 human resources other talent leaders who participated in i4cp’s Employer Response to the Implications of Roe v Wade survey last week:
51% said that their organizations have not made a statement about their position on Row v Wade, and they have no plans to do so.

15% said that their organizations have not yet made a statement about their position on Row v Wade, but they plan to do so once (and if) a ruling is announced.

“The Row v Wade issue is hitting human resource professionals particularly hard, especially in view of the timing—they are barely emerging from the continuous crisis mode of the past two years, and this is issues is just so complex and difficult. There are no right answers or decisions—HR executives are telling us they’re simply exhausted mentally and emotionally drained—understandably so,” said Lorrie Lykins, i4cp’s VP of research.

Additional findings:
52% reported that the possible reversal of the right to abortion access by the U.S. Supreme Court has not caused a noticeable impact in their organizations.

• 27% said that yes, there has been a noticeable impact
• 22% said that they didn’t know either way.

Among those who reported that there has been a noticeable effect in their companies, most cited positives:

• 53% said it is creating an opportunity for open discussion about this topic
• 27% said it is enabling people to share their different points of view with one another
• 27% said it is prompting us to be more open in general about discussing issues that may have been taboo before

But a number of those surveyed described a cloudier perception—more said the Row v Wade issue is creating tension than those who said it’s enabling the sharing of differing perspectives with one another in the workplace:

• 31% said it is creating divisiveness among employees
• 14% said it is hindering our productivity

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