Here Comes the BOOM

Q-Tran revolutionizes its product portfolio with BOOM, a suspended fixture with a unique profile, impressive performance, and endless design options.

Here Comes the BOOM
Milford, CT, June 30, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Like all superheroes, BOOM has an origin story. In 2019, when Q-Tran was expanding and redesigning their office space, the manufacturer encountered a problem: at the time there weren’t any suspended fixtures in the company’s product portfolio. John Tremaine, founder of Q-Tran, put pencil to paper and started concepting the perfect direct/indirect suspended fixture.

Being used throughout the Q-Tran offices and therefore presenting the brand’s take on primary lighting, BOOM needed to make a statement while offering the highest possible quality light output.

What sets this fixture apart from the rest?

As a primary fixture, BOOM’s architectural flared “Y” profile sets it apart in a marketplace currently dominated by rectangles. In addition to its striking silhouette, almost every aspect of BOOM is customizable, affording architects and designers the ability to drastically change its appearance.

With maximum fixture lengths of an impressive 12 feet, this substantial fixture provides a long line of continuous light. Multiple BOOM fixtures can be connected to create configurations including squares, rectangles, crosses, grids, or a line of suspended light.

An array of décor panel options including white, black, bronze, brass and gunmetal are stocked. Three unique end cap styles in matching tones and pops of red, blue or yellow allow the fixture to walk a gamut of design genres from modern to transitional. Custom colors for both décor panels and end caps are available on demand.

Not surprisingly, the performance of Q-Tran’s new offering impresses. Direct and indirect lighting can be individually controlled and offer maximums of 900 lumens up and 1100 lumens down. LED watt per foot options range from 1.5 watt to 9 watt in high efficacy. With 78 LED strips available for either uplight or downlight, an amazing 6,000+ LED mixes are possible.

Representing a step forward for Q-Tran’s offering, BOOM houses two of the company’s feature fixtures: VERS in the downlight and OPTI as the uplight. OPTI’s lenses allow lighting designers to select from photometrics ranging from narrow lines of light to wide washes of illumination.

By integrating Q-Tran's thoughtful product design with LEDs featuring exceptional CRI and R9 results, it's no surprise Q-Tran's architectural fixture seamlessly blends art and light, creating a showstopping addition to any commercial or residential application.

Ready to make a design BOOM?

Q-Tran, Inc. was founded in 1993 in response to an industry need for transformers specifically designed for low voltage lighting. The company has grown to sell over 300 varieties of Transformers and LED Power Supply Centers. In 2013, Q-Tran introduced Linear LED Lighting and Extrusions, quickly becoming one of the most trusted names in the industry. Q-Tran continues to be an industry leader by applying the same high standards, innovative design, and dedication to produce only the highest-quality products. Q-Tran proudly designs and manufactures lighting solutions in Milford, Connecticut.

To learn more about Q-Tran's product offerings, visit www.q-tran.com.
Jessica Bretherton
BOOM Brochure

BOOM Brochure

When design, creativity, and innovative technology join forces, lighting does more than illuminate a space - it makes a statement. Explore the highly customizable offerings of BOOM.