Bestselling Author James Sheridan Files Trademark for "ArcaTypes"

Award-winning and bestselling author of “The You Code” and upcoming title “Arcatypes,” James Sheridan files trademark serial number 97452475 with USPTO for “ARCATYPES.”

Bestselling Author James Sheridan Files Trademark for "ArcaTypes"
Orlando, FL, June 29, 2022 --( Sheridan spent the last decade developing and defining Carl Jung’s archetypes so that everyday people could find their type, but also how to use these types as a signpost to purpose. He named his version of these types “Genetypes” in “The You Code” but is now renaming them to “Arcatypes tm.”

Sheridan explains, “To anyone who has studied our lengthy past farther back than the mere two thousand years, and knows of the evolution of human consciousness, depth psychology, and mythology, the word ‘archetypes’ is now a misnomer and has even devolved into some kind of quasi-astrology party-trick or superstition. The reality is far more real, incredible, and the correct application of them is badly needed by humanity today.”

“An ‘archetype’ is really just an ancient instinct, so this is too loose a definition for a fully formed personality template such as the ones I have carefully developed and defined and have successfully used in seminars, books, and focus groups for the last decade with great success for people to gain instant self-awareness and an idea about their purpose in life. So I renamed them to 'Genetypes' for my 2020 and 2022 books 'The You Code' and 'Kiss Fewer Frogs'. However, 'Genetypes' also is used by a genealogy company, hence the new name and trademark, 'ArcaTypes'.”

“This is very much the same as Jung’s personality archetypes, only I have presented them in the way that matters most to people: so they can quickly see which one they are, and what the inherent purpose of each is. It’s really a contemporary application, and it’s badly needed today. We have become more and more dissociated with our true selves, with our instincts, with the spiritual and subconscious. For all the wondrous things technology has provided us with today, we are no happier, and the one question that is wired into every human being still remains unanswered: ‘who am I and why am I here’. I, armed with the knowledge of ArcaTypes I’ve acquired, aim to change that.”
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