Size Stream and India’s National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Partner to Measure 25,000 Indians Using 3D Body Scanners

Cary, NC, August 24, 2022 --( Their work will bring to the Indian apparel industry much-awaited standardized body size charts

Global research in fit and human measurements suggests that shoppers face difficulties in finding clothes that perfectly fit their measurements. One challenge is the difference in body sizes related to varying body structures across geographical regions of the globe. In India, there are multi-ethnic groups with diverse body proportions: height, shape, structure, etc. Indian apparel retail brands face the challenge of providing clothing that fits the diverse Indian anthropometry.

To address this imminent need of the Indian apparel retail industry, the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) embarked on the research project “National Sizing Survey of India” to develop a comprehensive size chart for ready to wear garments based on body measurements of the Indian population. This research work was sanctioned in May 2017 by the Ministry of Textiles, within its Research and Development scheme, to measure 25,000 male and female persons aged 18 to 65 years old in six different regions of India using contactless 3D whole body scanners. That’s where Size Stream comes in. In less than 2 minutes, its scanners extract over 240 anthropometric measurements in various postures with a high level of accuracy meeting all the technical specification and ISO compliance standards.

Size Stream was selected through a global tender and selection process because its scanners met NIFT’s prescribed technical requirements at the lowest price. Accordingly, Size Stream supplied three 3D whole-body scanners to NIFT for this very purpose. Size Stream has also provided technical support for scanner movements to the six locations throughout India. As of June 2022, NIFT has completed body measurements of over 21,000 people across five regions. All three scanners are working to their full potential and to the utmost satisfaction of the client.

According to Ben Tsui, Size Stream’s VP of Business Development for Asia, “We’re honored to work with NIFT on this prestigious project, which will have a profound impact in the apparel industry of India, by contributing to improved fitting of clothing for the Indian population.”

Dr. Noopur Anand, a Professor at the Department of Technology at NIFT and a Principal Investigator for the INDIAsize project said, “Size Stream has always been immensely supportive and cooperative. It has provided full technical support, even through the challenging times of Covid-19. I am certain that, with the continual support of Size Stream, NIFT will complete the project by December 2022 and bring to the Indian apparel industry much-awaited standardized body size charts.” Dr. Anand further mentioned that the work performed by Size Stream’s 3D body scanners has been exceptional during the entire period of data collection.

About Size Stream, LLC: Size Stream is a leader in 3D body scanning technology located in the renowned Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. Founded in 2012, Size Stream is a wholly owned subsidiary of TAL Group. Apart from innovation in the 3D industry, the company focuses on providing services to several markets including apparel, fitness/wellness, and uniforms. Servicing a worldwide network of customers, Size Stream is the global leader in accurate, 3D measuring technology.
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Anastasia Shymonyak