Helping Build the Future Doctors of Today: the Dr. Blickman Scholarship

Helping Build the Future Doctors of Today: the Dr. Blickman Scholarship
Hingham, MA, August 26, 2022 --( Being a doctor isn’t an easy career path to take up, as the road to becoming one is challenging. Despite that, however, it is perhaps one of the most fulfilling careers as you not only earn a substantial amount of money but also have the capacity to help others and improve their lives for the better. Attending a good university and getting a good quality education is one of the best ways to jumpstart your journey to becoming a doctor but not everyone who aspires to become one can have the capacity to follow through with it. The financial strain of becoming a medical doctor is a challenge that not everyone can easily overcome which is why Dr. Johan Blickman has taken steps to address this problem through his scholarship program.

His aptly named scholarship, the Dr. Johan Blockman Scholarship for Future Medical Doctors, is a scholarship program that is available for students who are set on the path to becoming a doctor. The scholarship is open and available to all university students who are currently enrolled in a school and studying to become medical doctors. Additionally, the scholarship is opening its application to high school students who plan on doing the same thing and have the ambition to become a doctor. The scholarship program awards prize money of $1000 which will go towards funding the scholar’s academic and tuition fees as they finish their course and degree to become a medical doctor. An essay competition will be placed to select the lucky student with the applicants sending in a 1000-word essay that answers the question: “Describe how as a medical doctor, you would improve upon our current system of healthcare to improve upon it.” Applications are accepted until December 15, 2022, with the winner of the scholarship announced a month after on January 15, 2023.

The road to becoming a doctor isn’t short and easy but a long and hard one filled with many challenges and hurdles that you need to overcome. Dr. Johan Blickman understands this to a great degree as he has experienced it himself and even had the opportunity to teach his specialization, Radiology, to aspiring doctors. He knows how academically and financially challenging it is to study to become a doctor which is why he started this scholarship program as a means of giving back to the next generation.

Dr. Johan Blickman hopes that this scholarship program will allow him the opportunity to nurture the next generation of doctors and will serve as his way of extending his help to others aside from his medical profession. He hopes that he can bring awareness to the struggles of medical students as well as inspire the next generation of medical doctors to do the same as he did.

Interested students who wish to try and apply for the scholarship can head on over to Dr. Johan Blickman’s scholarship website. On the website, you can learn more about the scholarship as well as be able to send your application together with your essay and other requirements.
Dr. Johan Blickman Scholarship
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