Promoting the Future Sports Players: the Jordan Sidoo Scholarship for Student Athletes

Entrepreneur Jordan Sidoo Gives Back with Scholarship Fund.

Promoting the Future Sports Players: the Jordan Sidoo Scholarship for Student Athletes
British Columbia, Canada, September 14, 2022 --( The life of a student athlete is not that different from a regular student as they face and share the same struggles in everyday academic life. However, the big difference between the two is how different aspects of a student athlete's life tend to affect their academic performance and ultimately their performance in sports. Financial problems are often one of the most common problems a student athlete can face and could lead them to drop the sports they are playing for while at university. This concerns Jordan Sidoo greatly and is the driving force behind his scholarship program, the Jordan Sidoo Scholarship for Student Athletes.

The Jordan Sidoo Scholarship for Students Athletes is a scholarship that is backed by the namesake figure of Jordan Sidoo, for students who are participating in an extra-curricular sports activities such as being on your school’s varsity team. The scholarship is open to all university students who are student athletes while enrolled in a university. Additionally, the scholarship is not only limited to these kinds of applicants, but is also open to high school students with plans on enrolling in university to pursue a degree and become a student-athlete. The program is to award $1,000 prize money to the lucky student so that they can use these funds towards helping with their education and tuition fees throughout the entirety of their studies. The prize money will be awarded based on a 1000-word essay that asks the question: “Describe why participating in athletics is important to you and how being a student athlete will better help you prepare for the future.”

Jordan knows how the difficult road that student athletes face as he has walked down that road himself. He wishes to be able to give back to the community while also nurturing the next generation of student athletes through his scholarship program. Not only that, but Jordan also hopes that this scholarship will be able to fulfill his wish to generate awareness of the problems student athletes face daily. While they aren’t as different as regular students, student athletes will find it more difficult to balance different parts of their life from overstepping on the other parts. Balance is important to perform well both academically and, in ones chosen sport. Jordan hopes that this scholarship program will be able to give a good opportunity to students who require financial assistance to pursue their ambition and goals and continue to play in their chosen sport they love while attending university.

Student athletes who wish to apply for the scholarship can head on over to Jordan Sidoo’s scholarship website where you can access pages for more information about the scholarship as well as updates regarding it. Applications for the scholarship can also be sent through the website with applications open until January 15, 2023, with the winner being announced a month after on February 15, 2023.
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