"Day After Infinity" Novel Launch

J.F. Lawrence launches his much-anticipated science-fiction novel, "Day After Infinity," on September 19, 2022.

"Day After Infinity" Novel Launch
Boulder, CO, September 13, 2022 --(PR.com)-- In an age when technology has vanquished natural death, Ryan and his sardonic AI implant are recruited at the last minute to board the first colony ship to Tau Ceti. As the lowest-ranked crewmember, Ryan expects to cryogenically freeze right away, but the captain has other plans.

He begins a training program for rare individuals who heal much faster than normal, a program that teaches him to survive every possible scenario that Murphy’s Law can deliver. Upon arrival in Tau Ceti, Murphy delivers big time.

Spoiler Alert: When they encounter a self-replicating artificial intelligence that seeks to spread out and extinguish life throughout the galaxy, Ryan must clone into many copies and race into the stars and defeat the AI replicants.

“J.F. Lawrence's darkly humorous novel pokes at the question, what is the meaning of self?” - A. Dombard

“The snarky banter and fast-paced action kept me up reading way too late.” - J. Atadobe

Order "Day After Infinity" on Amazon: www.amzn.com/dp/B0BB5D34J8

About the author
Lawrence grew up as a nerd and achieved nerdiness his whole life. From D&D to geophysics: nerd. From drawing spaceships to forming startups: nerd. He has held many jobs, from wood stacker to Antarctic researcher to Stanford professor, but now writes science-fiction full time.
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