"Nightmare on Elm Street" Star Lisa Zane Leads Egypt Horror Film “Bride of the Dead”

"Nightmare on Elm Street" Star Lisa Zane Leads Egypt Horror Film “Bride of the Dead”
Los Angeles, CA, November 07, 2022 --(PR.com)-- NEVERDIE Studios announced today that Lisa Zane ("Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare") will return to the horror genre to star in supernatural tech thriller "Bride of the Dead," written and directed by Maurice Chauvet ("Owning Mahowny" - Philip Seymour Hoffman/John Hurt).

The film’s plot centers around a dying billionaire desperately searching for the secret to upload consciousness into the Entropia Metaverse, targeting a haunted 5,000-year-old Egyptian “Bride of the Dead” amulet, rumored to shackle the enraged living spirit of a sacrificed female.

Filming for "Bride of the Dead" is underway in Los Angeles, Cairo, and Mexico City, with producers Michael Kastenbaum ("The Invisibles" - Portia Di Rossi; Teddy Bears Picnic - Alan Thicke), Andrea Mia ("Foxfire" - Angelina Jolie; Shadow Hours - Balthazar Getty), and Laura Maccabee ("Passenger C" – Cassian Elwes). Actress/singer Lisa Zane, best known for her role as Diane Leeds in "ER" and Queen Diana in the TV series, "Roar" (starring Heath Ledger), will play Charlotte Grove, a tech billionaire relentless in her desire to acquire the amulet and save her dying husband. Lisa said, "I'm excited to get back into the horror genre with this challenging role."

“Bride of the Dead” figurines were created in ancient Egypt after human retainer sacrifices went out of fashion, and buried alongside mummies in place of a human counterpart. For years, archeologists thought these ancient blue faience Avatars were intended to act as concubines in the afterlife. The screenplay for “Bride of the Dead” was inspired by such an exceptionally beautiful and mysterious 5,000-year-old amulet, now being used as the film’s central prop.

“Bride of the Dead's” U.S. production entities include Ripple Big ("Passenger C") and NEVERDIE Studios (Producer of Michael Jackson, Rocktropia, The Thing 2011 and King Kong for Entropia Universe Metaverse platform).

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