Outlaw Nights Issue 2 Live on Indiegogo

Outlaw Nights is a comic series being crowdfunded on Indiegogo.com. We are seeking backers who are fans of space opera, western, cyberpunk, and heist stories. This is a genre blend that delivers brutal action and intrigue. A new world to get lost in. Please note that this story is for ages 17+.

Outlaw Nights Issue 2 Live on Indiegogo
New Orleans, LA, November 10, 2022 --(PR.com)-- A blend of space opera, western, thriller, action, heist, and adventure. Welcome to the underworld of the 31st Century. Humanity has been colonizing planets throughout our galaxy and have just breached into others. However, history is very much repeating itself as the nations of earth are at each other's throats. Competition over territory and resources has given birth to a chaotic and tumultous time. As a result, a new Golden Age of Piracy has come into form. Big Brother cannot span the endless ocean of stars.

Our hero Cyrus Lawson is a refugee from the now destroyed nation of the United States. After a harsh 18 years of life, he has finally settled on a small, out of the way British colony known as Terez. Naive and heroic in nature, he seeks to live his life as a small town hero joining the Colony Guard. However, his dreams are ripped right from under him as the pirates of the ship, Hazard, invades Terez. Bit and Fusebox probe the archives of an Art Gallery that contain a hidden piece of data. This data will lead to a treasure that will turn everything on its head. Kodiak (and secretly, Serpent) run crowd control, but are challenged by our hero. In the resulting chaos, Serpent mysteriously takes Cyrus aboard Hazard as they make their escape. Now, Cyrus must learn how to survive the Pirate's Life, contend with his personal hatred for piracy itself and redefine his very black and white sense of right and wrong.

Can Cyrus do it? Will he survive? Only one way to find out...

Genesis of a Renegade kicks off a 10 Issue Arc that brings us into the exciting future of Outlaw Nights. Back Issue 2 and get ready for Issue 3. They're just getting started.

Outlaw Nights is Fuseboxx Entertainment's first foray into the entertainment space. We are committed to creating comics crowdfunded by its readers, who have direct communication with us to critique and suggest what they would like to see.

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