New Division Set on Redefining Advertising for Those 50+

The Salt Division of the 1.11 Group is a new division set on redefining advertising for those 50+ and combating ageism in advertising.

West Cornwall, CT, November 11, 2022 --( When it comes to effective communications with people who are 50+, one advertising agency is determined to redefine the approach to the 50+ demographic. Janet Carlson, CEO of the 1.11 Group, a 28-year-old full-service marketing and advertising agency, founded in New York City, now based in Connecticut, has launched The Salt Division, a new division of the company to help Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and their teams develop effective messages that speak truth to this demographic, who see themselves as anything but old.

Carlson’s silver bullet is her team. By her design, most who work in The Salt Division are above the age of 50, but the 1.11 Group’s new initiative isn’t about age. As Carlson points out, she values the input of the younger team members who bring new ideas and skills to the agency’s mix.

A New Way of Thinking
“This is about understanding the true voice of a generation. If you are creating marketing that speaks to a 50-year-old the same as to an 85-year-old, you will miss both. Somehow, when you turn 50, you are lumped into a ‘senior citizen’ group, marginalizing a group with tremendous economic power,” says Carlson. “It’s about choosing the appropriate words and tone. It’s an understanding of the 50+ audience because the people creating the campaign are well aware of the nuances needed to communicate successfully with this target group. They ‘get it,’ because they are that population. They know how to reach the right people, at the right time with the right message, using the right media.”

When Carlson, who is 50+ herself, saw constant misfires in the way marketers communicate with the 50+ group, she investigated her hunch and identified two serious problems:

Only 5% of people in the advertising industry, in the entire world, are over 50 years old.

The voice of those over 50 is not well or accurately represented in brand marketing.

Age is in the Eye of the Beholder
Her research included talking with many CMOs from diverse industries, as well as other advertising leaders, who verified that she was onto something game-changing. She is working on a podcast series to share these conversations and insights with interested brand leaders.

According to Carlson, marketing to an over 50 audience requires a new way of thinking. “First and foremost, they don’t see themselves as senior or silver and certainly not old, yet this is how many marketers mistakenly categorize them, as if they are all the same after 50,” she explains. However, she says, “Those in the mature, 50+ market truly see themselves as ageless, but there are differences if you are 50 or if you are 90.”

Carlson points out that there are also segments within those 50 and over that marketers should consider. To cite just three examples, there are people who are still in the workforce, others are retirees and retirees who are re-entering the workforce. The 1.11 Group’s The Salt Division helps CMOs determine where the various segments of the 50+ group are found within their customer base, and what this segment thinks of and expects of their brand.

No One Size Fits All
“We make carefully considered recommendations for marketing strategies, for creative copy and for media that will separate the various groups in your audience. Our team will help set the right message and tone across your customers’ touch points by appealing to their core values and needs.”

Emphasizing the importance of getting the message right for the mature market is essential; as Carlson points out, the 50+ category is one-third of the total population. “They outspend other groups by far,” she says.

The Salt Division’s work spans diverse industries, one is healthcare—in its broadest definition—to include not only hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and senior living and rehab facilities, but nutraceuticals, cannabis, pet healthcare and other categories that fall within this market segment.

Carlson notes that The Salt Division creates effective marketing and communication strategies for a 50+ audience, regardless of the industry, citing luxury travel, beverages with or without alcohol or low alcohol, automobiles, even sneakers, as examples. “Our team is made up of experienced and talented professionals, from a wide range of industries, who are also living and breathing prototypes. Their first-hand, personal insights into the mature, 50+ market add great value to any marketer, in any industry that needs to reach this ageless generation of consumers.”

The Salt Division is part of the 1.11 Group, a full-service creative agency founded in 1994. The 1.11 Group is located at 415 Sharon Goshen Turnpike in West Cornwall, Conn. The 1.11 Group recently launched The Salt Division, a team of accomplished marketing and communication professionals who are over the age of 50. The Salt Division was created to fill a void that helps marketers develop the right tone and messaging to communicate with audiences in the ageless, 50+ category. For more information, visit
The Salt Division
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