Biomed Industries, Inc. Comments on Roche’s Alzheimer’s Phase III Trial

San Jose, CA, November 19, 2022 --( In a news release dated November 14, 2022, Roche announced that their Alzheimer’s drug candidate, gantenerumab, did not perform meaningfully better than a placebo. About 25% of all patients who received gantenerumab were also associated with higher rates of an imaging abnormality that can involve swelling or bleeding in the brain.

“The quest to develop an Alzheimer's drug by targeting beta-amyloid has been beset by a long list of clinical trials failures,” stated Dr. Zung Vu Tran, Vice President of Bioinformatics & AI for Biomed Industries and Chief Science Officer at MedAware Systems, Inc. He added: “While this is discouraging news for the many patients and families living with Alzheimer’s, other promising methods and new therapies for Alzheimer’s patients are in development.”

Biomed’s NA-831 drug is a novel treatment for Alzheimer’s disease that takes a different approach to treating Alzheimer’s disease. NA-831 is a nanocatalyst based on a concept of organcatalysis proposed by Drs. Benjamin List and David MacMillan, for which they were awarded the 2021 Nobel prize in chemistry.

Following this neurogenesis approach, NA-831 facilitates the regeneration of new neurons to improve memory and cognitive functions for Alzheimer's patients. NA-831 is orally administered with little to no adverse events.

Biomed Industries completed a Phase 2A trial, successfully meeting all of its endpoints, and is launching a Phase 3 confirmatory trial to further demonstrate the safety and efficacy of NA-831.

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