American Author Challenges Vladimir Putin to a Debate; by Tekworld Publishing

The author of "Exposing Putin's Lies" has challenged the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to a debate about his illegal invasion of Ukraine, along with the related issues.

American Author Challenges Vladimir Putin to a Debate; by Tekworld Publishing
Newport Beach, CA, November 25, 2022 --( The American author of the geo-political book titled "Exposing Putin's Lies" ( named David Lucky, has now officially challenged Vladimir Putin to a debate regarding the illegal invasion of Ukraine along with the related issues.

The author understands that Mr. Putin may not be able to travel outside of Russia due to possible war crimes violations. Therefore, the author has agreed to hold the debate via Zoom or an equivalent communications platform. The author, Mr. David Lucky, has given Mr. Putin a total of 20 days in which to accept the offer for a debate.

According to the author, one of the main goals is to help create world peace by debunking faulty narratives which only lead to the death and destruction of innocent people. The author of "Exposing Putin's Lies" has been to Russia and Ukraine many times. In addition to that, his grandmother and many other ancestors are all from Ukraine. The author has a B.A. degree in philosophy and has been studying and watching geopolitics for many years. The book, Exposing Putin's Lies, "Has a lot of very specific information not found in the media," according to Robert Russo, a book reader who posted his review on Amazon.

According to the author David Lucky, "At this moment in history, there is nothing more important in the world than to see this debate take place with Vladimir Putin. A proper debate with Putin could possibly lead to the ending of the war in Ukraine. The illegal war in Ukraine has led to many tens of thousands of murdered people in Ukraine and close to 100,000 deaths or wounded Russian soldiers. In addition, roughly 15 million people in Ukraine have become displaced or had to flee the country as refugees."

Although a debate with the author may seem far-fetched to some people, in May of 2021, Putin himself challenged the US President Joe Biden to a debate. Although, that debate was never accepted by President Biden, "A good debate could allow Mr. Putin to see the error of his ways and put an end to the suffering and misery. In addition to all of this, the global economy is hurting all over the world. This senseless and unjust war is destroying the Russian economy, and at the same time hurting the European and parts of the US economy. If the debate were to lead to the end of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, then it would not only end a lot of suffering, but it would also start to heal the global economy. Putin's senseless war is absurd and a very bad look for humankind in the 21st century," according to David Lucky

If Mr. Putin refuses to debate with Mr. Lucky, then the author will also agree to have a debate with either Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister or Dmitry Peskov, the Russian Press Secretary. If all of them refuse to debate Mr. Lucky, then the author will consider having a debate with another leading Russian apologist which can be determined later.

"We're hoping Mr. Putin, Mr. Lavrov or Mr. Peskov will agree to the debate challenge at this time. There is little to risk from them agreeing to a debate, and everything to gain. So far, everything they have done with their invasion of Ukraine has led to an utter disaster for Russia and Ukraine. Our goal is peace through proper debate and dialogue. Of course, this is an unusual request to debate Mr. Putin. However, dangerous situations call for unusual requests," according to the author David Lucky.
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