"Ingénée: The Most Powerful Woman Who Ever Lived" is Complete

Four young, gorgeous legal eagles working at the same law firm, get away for a girl’s bonding weekend of partying in the mountains of Utah, and while laughing and joking, cast a hellacious demonic spell, for which there is no return.

Draper, UT, November 28, 2022 --(PR.com)-- www.amazon.com/dp/B0BLS5MBN6

Carl David Blake released his new book, “Ingénée: The Most Powerful Woman Who Ever Lived.” The story, verbally passed down among the most elite European scholars, but never recorded in the written word, Blake brings the French medieval tale of Ingénée to the world. When Blake was an undergraduate, a distinguished British professor of medieval literature at a conference pulled Blake aside to tell him about a great medieval woman named Ingénée, the elder professor’s favorite character in all of literature.

Now, decades later, Blake dusted off his old notes and recalled the memories of this elite professor and began writing the story of Ingénée, consulting with religious leaders as well as doing his own research to verify the context and details.

The novel opens, on a Friday, in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, at an attorney’s office, where four attorneys, Jess, Brie, Tiana, and Rachel, plan to get away for the weekend to the mountains of Park City, Utah. Brie’s older sister, Michelle, lets them stay at her house while she is out of town at a conference.

Once they have settled into their lodgings, they sit around the coffee table in the living, dim the lights, put on some soft spiritual music, and turn on the atomizer, which puts lavender scented smoke in the air. To top it off, they decide to party with laudanum.

As the night progresses, one of the women persuades the others to investigate the occult by casting one of the worst and most sacrilegious spells a human can cast upon themselves. As the night goes on, and the fun continues, evil slowly emanates through every inch of the house, with no hope of deliverance.

The reader is then thrust into medieval France and shown what real-life was like in the Middle Ages. During this time, it is clear how critical knowledge and education are and how the elite kept these among themselves and the importance of the traveling scholar, especially a brilliant childhood genius named Ingénée.

Then, the revealing of the incomprehensible power of God’s greatest angel, who is known as the protector of the intellect. No one cared more, loved more, or was as kind as Ingénée; however, it was highly imprudent to underestimate her massive and unmatched intellectual and spiritual strength, even as a small child.

“Beware of what you ask for and fear what you have not. For ignorance will surely destroy the ingénue.” ~Bhandu
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