"Dance with Me: The Karmic Love Affair That Dangerously Changed a Young Mumbai Woman" is Complete

Amrita, a gorgeous young Indian woman, makes a decision that intensely impacts two generations of her family from Bombay (Mumbai) with plot twist after plot twist. Love, mystery, romance, betrayal, passion, murder, and karmic retribution, guide this story. - July 19, 2023

"Ingénée: The Most Powerful Woman Who Ever Lived" is Complete

Four young, gorgeous legal eagles working at the same law firm, get away for a girl’s bonding weekend of partying in the mountains of Utah, and while laughing and joking, cast a hellacious demonic spell, for which there is no return. - November 28, 2022

“My News” is Complete

“My News” is Complete

Jason Salt, a prominent newscaster, breaks down during a commercial break, but a little savior appears. - November 22, 2021

Carl David Blake Productions Re-Edits the Movie "Differences Between Men and Woman"

The movie “Differences Between Men and Woman,” produced by Carl David Blake Productions, has just been re-edited. The Guinness World Record winning movie will be sent out to a few more film festivals over the next several months. “It is amazing how a little tweaking can make such... - July 08, 2013

The Movie "Differences Between Men and Woman" is Now Completed

The Guinness World Record Wedding Dress Train can now be seen in the movie "Differences Between Men and Woman," a Carl David Blake Productions. The long post-production process is over, and the movie is being sent out to film festivals. "Differences Between Men and Woman" is... - December 17, 2011

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