Resscop & Delaporte Announces SpaceX/Starlink Internet Service is a Game Changer in Haiti to Enhance Access to the Rural & Underserved Communities

Resscop & Delaporte Announces SpaceX/Starlink Internet Service is a Game Changer in Haiti to Enhance Access to the Rural & Underserved Communities
Sunrise, FL, November 26, 2022 --( Resscop & Delaporte, Inc. (the Company) is pleased to announce that SpaceX/Starlink has officially been registered in Haiti as “Starlink Haiti S.A.” and has obtained a homologation permit to operate freely in Haiti pursuant to the defined registered Ku-Band and the required frequencies. This permit will allow Starlink to provide wireless broadband internet services to the country of Haiti.

The management of the Company would like to thank those who have been involved for their support and assistance as this important milestone that would not have been accomplished without their support.

The Company would also like to thank the team of Conatel who has worked tirelessly to make this happen.

Around the globe, Starlink has enabled communities in need to gain access to education, health services, enable remote work and provide critical communication support during natural disasters. With Starlink, rural and remote classrooms can reap the same educational benefits as those in urban areas. Farmers can leverage data-driven approaches to agricultural production, and fisherman can stay in contact with their family. When natural disasters strike, Starlink’s services can be deployed rapidly to support emergency responders and enable communication for those impacted.

In today’s world, the need for complicated infrastructure is no longer the best economic advantage for underserved countries. The need to supply rural internet access with affordable service has never been more urgent, especially for locations where terrestrial technologies may not reach. Starlink has an active fleet of satellites orbiting the planet, providing consumer-based service.

Starlink has the capability and the means to support the infrastructure in the internet broadband service programs to the country, which in turn, will attract services to better support education, healthcare, business development, job creations, agriculture, attraction of international businesses, nearshoring development companies, and foreign direct investment.

Starlink’s services can further support enterprise, government and be complimentary to existing terrestrial telecommunications providers. Starlink is perfectly suited to support resiliency, redundancy and quick response communication needs during disasters. Starlink views the establishment of the Digital Acceleration program to be of extreme importance to Haiti's underserved communities. Using reliable satellite broadband, like the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Starlink system, can help make affordable broadband a reality for Haiti.

Starlink’s services will provide Haiti a unique opportunity to leapfrog into the 21st century.

Starlink can provide connectivity that will help meet Haiti’s connectivity goals, reduce the infrastructure investment required to connect every last-mile and complement traditional internet providers’ service areas.

The strongest assets of Haiti are the people. Today, the people in rural areas of Haiti do not have readily available access to the internet. With Starlink’s services, the people will be provided the opportunity to obtain reliable internet services. They will be able to obtain remote jobs online, support call centers around the world and obtain vocational school programs directly from their home. They will be able to participate in innovative development programs that will advance their learning capabilities to support the economic development of the country. These services will help enhance the development of the economy of Haiti and its GDP.

The future development of Haiti is in the hands of those who are empowered to support its ecosystem.

Together, let’s make a difference. A Starlink system can either be purchased directly from Starlink’s website or through any approved, authorized reseller from the regulator (Conatel).

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The goal of the Company is to support the ecosystem of countries purely in a business economic development aspect, which the Company calls, “The Game Changer,” to identify the value of the country and its people.

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