Size Stream's Mobile 3D Body Scanning Methods and Apparatus

Cary, NC, November 30, 2022 --( On September 13, 2022, Size Stream received a patent for a new 3D body scanning process using photogrammetry technology. The photogrammetry technology is composed of a garment that is designed to be form-fitted, a reference target, and a smartphone camera. The unique technology advancement created by Size Stream not only enables better quality 3D body scans and makes the scanning process easier for those scanning at home.

Size Stream has developed an array of 3D body scanning technologies from scanning booths to scanning smartphone apps. These technologies are widely used for apparel applications, as well as health and fitness applications. In the apparel industry, manual measurements have been proven to be inconsistent and unreliable, but with Size Stream’s body scanning technologies, individuals can easily and accurately measure their bodies to facilitate the purchase of ready-to-wear clothing online and the ordering of made-to-measure clothing. In the health and fitness space, Size Stream’s scanning technology is acclaimed by both consumers and medical doctors and is trending towards processing over half a million 3D body scans by the end of 2022.

About Size Stream: Size Stream is a 3D body scanning company based out of Cary, NC. The company was founded in 2012 and is a subsidiary of the TAL Group. Size Stream is a global leader in accurate 3D measuring technology focused on providing services to several markets including apparel, health and fitness, and uniforms. Size Stream’s mission is to keep everybody connected with a personalized experience, leading to a more connected future.
Size Stream
Anastasia Shymonyak