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Explosive New Documentary "Trump's Rosebud" Explains Donald Trump's Rise to the White House Through Lens of "Citizen Kane"

"Trump's Rosebud," a new documentary by Robert Orlando, shows how Donald Trump's early dreams to make it big in Hollywood were inspired by his favorite film "Citizen Kane." The film illustrates the relentless ambition and media savvy that led him to the White House, featuring a slate of public figures who've known, worked with, and observed Trump.

Princeton, NJ, December 06, 2022 --( A new documentary, "Trump's Rosebud" uncovers the controversial former President Donald Trump's early dreams to make it big in Hollywood and shows through the lens of "Citizen Kane" how his relentless ambition and media savvy led him into the White House.

The film features a slate of public figures who've known and observed Trump in the media for years, including former Trump administration official Sebastian Gorka, the editor-in-chief of The American Spectator, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., Steve Deace, host of The Steve Deace Show, media commentator Rachel Bovard, former Attorney General William Barr, John Bachman, host and managing editor of Newsmax Now, Matt Walsh, columnist for The Daily Wire and host of the Matt Walsh Show, and former Reagan administration official Jeffrey Lord.

"Trump's Rosebud" exposes a never-before-seen side of one of the most talked about yet misunderstood men in modern times. In "Trump's Rosebud," award-winning filmmaker and director Robert Orlando rises above the political fray to give a unique perspective on Trump that the media don't show and that Trump himself has never publicly revealed.

Loosely based on Orlando's book "Citizen Trump," the film shows Trump's life and career through the lens of Trump's and Orlando's favorite movie, Orson Welles' cinematic masterpiece "Citizen Kane." Orlando compares Trump's strategic rise to the top with that of Charles Foster Kane, the main character in "Citizen Kane," who, like Trump, inherited a great fortune, was a master of media, and transformed himself into a political figure.

Orlando traces Trump's life from his childhood in Queens through his attempt to break into Hollywood, followed by his real estate and casino days, his reality TV debut on The Apprentice, and finally, his last tumultuous days in the White House to get to the bottom of Trump's raison d’être. Orlando claims that, like Kane, Trump has a key to understanding his goals and motivations, one that the media has missed, Trump's own "Rosebud."

"We all know how it all happened. He faced Clinton and a corrupt media establishment. But I want to know: Why did it all happen?" explains Orlando. "Why did Trump need to do this? What was his drive? Was he aware? That's the Rosebud."

The film will be released on Jan. 6 in select locations. For more information on "Trump's Rosebud," please visit
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