Author Fannie Wengerd's New Audiobook, "Bryan and the Hallows: All Hallows Eve," is a Compelling Work of Juvenile Fantasy Fiction About a Mission to the Gates of Evil

Recent audiobook release “Bryan and the Hallows: All Hallows Eve,” from Audiobook Network author Fannie Wengerd, follows the captivating adventure of a lifetime as Bryan and Melanie travel to the Gates of Evil to rescue their little sister.

Whitehall, WI, December 23, 2022 --( Fannie Wengerd has completed her new audiobook, “Bryan and the Hallows: All Hallows Eve”: a suspenseful work of juvenile fantasy fiction that follows a daring rescue mission.

When a Hallow kidnaps five-year-old Mary Lewis, Bryan Aarons’ Guardian tells him he has to help her sister Melanie find her and keep her safe. Bryan and Melanie follow the Hallow through the Corridor down to the Gates of Evil before they can rescue her. They find their way back out with the help of their Guardians, and some converted Hallows. When Bryan and Mary fall back into the Corridor through a portal, will Melanie be able to help them back out?

Author Fannie Wengerd taught for ten years in the Old Order Amish Parochial Schools. She is now doing housecleaning for good friends. She also helps with her special-needs brother, gardening, and chores in her Old Order Amish home, where she lives with her parents, special-needs brother, two single sisters, and five Yorkies. She enjoys writing and receiving letters, reading, and writing books, sleeping under the stars with her nieces and nephews, and going on outings with her single friends.

Fannie writes, “The street looked like a war zone after a mob fight. Broken bottles were lying everywhere. Some windows were shattered. Barrels lay scattered across the street in a haphazard fashion, like they had been shoved over from a stack. Broken furniture and clothing were scattered everywhere. A grayish pall hung over everything.”

She continues, “Rats and other small creatures scampered out of the snake’s path among the debris, but the huge snake didn’t even notice. It just kept coming straight at Bryan and Melanie, its powerful body wriggling through the littered street, not seeming to notice anything but the two teens.”

Published by Audiobook Network, author Fannie Wengerd’s new audiobook takes listeners through an incredible journey as they discover whether Bryan and Melanie will be able to rescue Mary.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Bryan and the Hallows: All Hallows Eve” by Fannie Wengerd through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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