Author Esteban Vazquez's New Audiobook, "The Lost World: Book One," is a Gripping Supernatural Fantasy Adventure That Explores New Worlds Full of Unknown Dangers

Recent audiobook release “The Lost World: Book One,” from Audiobook Network author Esteban Vazquez, is a thrilling story that will take listeners on a wild and unforgettable ride through the supernatural as they explore worlds unknown, brimming with imaginative world building, unique characters, and dangers around every corner. - September 22, 2023

Author Esteban Vazquez's New Audiobook, "The Lost World: Book Two," Continues the Story of the Beast Rakim, Whose Journey Takes Him Across the Galaxy Into Worlds Unknown

Recent audiobook release “The Lost World: Book Two,” from Audiobook Network author Esteban Vazquez, is a riveting fantasy adventure that follows Rakim, who realizes he has been betrayed by his followers upon returning home, and sets off to take out his wrath, bringing him across different worlds around the galaxy. - September 21, 2023

Author Donita Kordonowy's New Audiobook, "Midas: Living with a Bird in the Hood," Shares Conversations the Author Has Had with Her African Gray Parrot Named Midas

Recent audiobook release “Midas: Living with a Bird in the Hood,” from Audiobook Network author Donita Kordonowy, a humorous work that shares conversations the author and daughter have had with their African Gray Parrot named Midas. - September 21, 2023

Author Janice Halladay's New Audiobook "Death Treasures" is a Riveting Story Following Two Friends Whose Treasure Hunt Leads Them on a Perilous and Life-Changing Journey

Recent audiobook release “Death Treasures,” from Audiobook Network author Janice Halladay, centers around Scott and Jimmy, two friends whose journey to find treasure somehow lands them in an alternate dimension, full of creatures beyond their wildest imagination. Desperate to return home, the two must work together to find their treasure and survive the dangers lurking around every corner. - September 21, 2023

Author Hope Gregory's New Audiobook, "Big Auntie’s Pearls: A Choreo-Novel," Combines Poetry, Dance, Music, and Song to Create a Rich Tapestry of One Woman's Life

Recent audiobook release “Big Auntie’s Pearls: A Choreo-Novel,” from Audiobook Network author Hope Gregory, is a compelling novel that incorporates the unique storytelling technique of "Choreopoem" to weave an intricate and fascinating story of a young woman, whose talent for sewing carries her through each stage of her life, resulting in her admittance into Savannah’s College by the Sea. - September 13, 2023

Author Kenny Eagle's New Audiobook, "The Indian and the Immigrant," Follows an Immigrant from Europe Who Pursues His Life Dream to Come to America

Recent audiobook release “The Indian and the Immigrant,” from Audiobook Network author Kenny Eagle, is a compelling work about an immigrant from Europe who pursues his life dream to come to America and start his own business. - September 08, 2023

Author Diana Beranek's New Audiobook, "Stop Being a Victim!" is a Profound and Inspiring Tool Designed to Help Listeners Completely Move Past Their Victim Mentality

Recent audiobook release “Stop Being a Victim!: Lift Weights Off, Lift Eyes Up, and Spread Your Wings,” from Audiobook Network author Diana Beranek, is an inspiring autobiographical account that documents the author's journey to overcome health, personal, and financial struggles through physical exercise and her faith and reveals how readers can accomplish the same thing by following in her footsteps. - August 29, 2023

Author Joy Hand's New Audiobook, "Finding Hope (The Prodigy Program Book 1)," Tells the Story of a Teen with Psychic Powers That a Dangerous Organization Seeks to Control

Recent audiobook release “Finding Hope (The Prodigy Program Book 1),” from Audiobook Network author Joy Hand, centers around Hope Johnson, a young teen who must survive not only the foster care program, but also having special telekinetic powers. Desperate to discover the truth about her abilities, Hope is drawn to science and must rely on the few allies she has to find the answers she seeks. - August 21, 2023

Author Glenn R. Thompson's New Audiobook, “Have Faith In God But Believe In The Devil,” Reveals How the Devil Can Invade One's Life Through Others Acting on His Behalf

Recent audiobook release “Have Faith In God But Believe In The Devil,” from Audiobook Network author Glenn R. Thompson, is a series of short stories inspired by the author’s own experiences designed to help listeners understand which individuals have been placed in their lives by the Devil, and to avoid their temptations and choose wisely as God intends. - August 14, 2023

Author Paul V. Zylstra's New Audiobook, "Work for Yourself: 20 Questions You Must Answer to Start Your Own Business," is a Guide for Listeners Starting Their Own Business

Paul V. Zylstra, an electrical engineer who had his own business since 1991, has completed his new audiobook, “Work for Yourself: 20 Questions You Must Answer to Start Your Own Business”: an insightful series of tips and information to help those seeking to start their own business... - August 11, 2023

Author F.J.J. Delegato's New Audiobook, “Legends of Orijon: Fall from Greatness,” Centers Around a Young Prince Who Must Unite His Homeland Against a Terrifying Foe

Recent audiobook release “Legends of Orijon: Fall from Greatness,” from Audiobook Network author F.J.J. Delegato, is a thrilling fantasy set in the world of Orijon, in which a great rift has caused the many races and tribes to divide and live on their own. As Prince Theos attempts to bring his people together, he'll be forced to overcome a dangerous threat coming from inside his own kingdom. - August 10, 2023

Author Barb Leon, RN, MSN, PHN's New Audiobook, “Walking Onto Sacred Ground,” is a Thoughtful Collection of Memories from a Hospice Nurse’s Career

Recent audiobook release “Walking Onto Sacred Ground: Sharing a Registered Nurse’s Career in Oncology and Hospice, to Diminish the Fear and Anxiety About Death,” from Audiobook Network author Barb Leon, RN, MSN, PHN, is an examination of the peace and serenity found at the end of life. - August 09, 2023

Author Randal J. Hruska's New Audiobook, "Epiphany Through Songs," Explores Lyrics That Have Deepened the Author's Relationship with God and Might do the Same for Others

Recent audiobook release “Epiphany Through Songs,” from Audiobook Network author Randal J. Hruska, explores different songs and the ways in which the author has spiritually interpreted their lyrics to strengthen his connection with God. Throughout "Epiphany Through Songs," Hruska explores listeners to enter into a relationship with God by challenging their perceptions of the Lord through music. - August 08, 2023

Author A.E. Lee's New Audiobook, “One of the Lucky Ones,” is a Profound Memoir That Describes the Author’s Descent Into, and Eventual Escape from, an Abusive Marriage

Recent audiobook release “One of the Lucky Ones,” from Audiobook Network author A.E. Lee, is the compelling true story of how the author managed to survive domestic abuse at the hands of her own husband. Through courage and perseverance, Lee recounts how she managed to leave her marriage and navigate a judicial system that seemed stacked against her at every turn. - August 08, 2023

Author Darrell R. Kelley's New Audiobook, “The Book of UWGEAM,” is a Profound, Faith-Based Resource to Guide Listeners Towards a Life of Peace and Happiness Through God

Recent audiobook release “The Book of UWGEAM,” from Audiobook Network author Darrell R. Kelley, is a compelling and eye-opening guide to help listeners understand how a better life awaits them through their Heavenly Father. The author utilizes the acronym, "UWGEAM," to reveal how the Lord is master of the universe, the world, all other gods, and of everything and anything, including one's own self. - August 03, 2023

Author Joe Flynn's New Audiobook, "The Miracle of Bubba: An Inspirational Dog Story," Tells the Story of a Courageous Dog Who Refused to Give Up After Becoming Paralyzed

Recent audiobook release “The Miracle of Bubba: An Inspirational Dog Story,” from Audiobook Network author Joe Flynn, is a powerful true story that follows the life of the author’s dog Bubba, who became paralyzed after an acute accident. Not one to give up, Flynn believed in Bubba as he worked to take back his life and overcome the challenges that lay ahead for him. - August 03, 2023

Author Nitki's Dad's New Audiobook, "Dear Molly," is a Heartfelt Account of How Important It is to Follow One's Inspiration, No Matter How Unexpected It May Be

Recent audiobook release “Dear Molly,” from Audiobook Network author Nitki's Dad, explores the moment in which the author's path forever changed after being inspired by a performance from Swedish singer Molly Sandén. Feeling the need to put pen to paper, Nitki's Dad found himself compelled to share how Molly's beauty and talent impacted him and encouraged him to follow his dreams in life. - August 02, 2023

Author John Michele's New Audiobook, "Club Morocco," is a Story of One of the Author's Young Relatives Who Experienced Both the Good and Bad of the World at a Young Age

Recent audiobook release “Club Morocco,” from Audiobook Network author John Michele, is a captivating tale that centers around the life of one of the author's family members and reveals how the immigrants and first- and second-generation Americans in the author's family always had one another's back while striving to reach their dreams of security and wealth. - August 01, 2023

Author Diane S. Abernathy's New Audiobook, "Present Suffering, Future Glory," is a Profound Story of How the Author's Faith Helped Her Endure Unimaginable Loss and Trauma

Recent audiobook release “Present Suffering, Future Glory,” from Audiobook Network author Diane S. Abernathy, is a powerful and stirring tale that follows the author as she reflects upon her trials, from a tragic accident that left her son paralyzed to losing her husband to cancer, and how her faith provided a path forward through the darkness she endured. - July 31, 2023

Author Willie Simon's New Audiobook, "Waiting for My Ride" is a Profound and Reflective Autobiographical Account of the Author's Life and the Struggles He's Overcome

Recent audiobook release “Waiting for My Ride,” from Audiobook Network author Willie Simon, is a deeply personal and stirring tale that takes listeners on an emotional journey through the author's past, as he looks back on the challenges he's endured. As Simon weaves his tale, he reveals how his experiences have shaped his outlook to live life to the fullest. - July 31, 2023

Author Shelemiah's New Audiobook, "With the Almighty, Nothing Succeeds Like Failure: Volume 1," Shows How the Lord's Presence in the Author's Life Forever Shaped His Path

Recent audiobook release “With the Almighty, Nothing Succeeds Like Failure: Volume 1,” from Audiobook Network author Shelemiah, is a powerful exploration of how the author's relationship with God has instilled in him deep devotion throughout the years, influencing his path in life to become a pastor in order to help bring others closer to the Lord. - July 26, 2023

Author Linda Wingrove Rosenbery's New Audiobook, "After the Flash," Movingly Narrates a Historic Tale of War, Relationships & Her Evolving Bond with Her Japanese Mother

Recent audiobook release “After the Flash: One Woman's Journey from Japan to GI Town,” from Audiobook Network author Linda Wingrove Rosenbery, tells the true story of the author and her mother Cheiko's relationship. Overtime, they begin to grow closer and improve their bond as Cheiko shares her harrowing experiences growing up in Japan during the Second World War. - July 25, 2023

Author Jacob Jones's New Audiobook, “Heroes Rising: The Beginning: Book 1,” Follows Five Heroes Who Set Out on an Epic Quest That Proves to be Incredibly Dangerous

Recent audiobook release “Heroes Rising: The Beginning: Book 1,” from Audiobook Network author Jacob Jones, is a compelling and gripping novel set in a fantastical world of magic and adventure. After five heroes gather to accept a quest, their journey takes them to a dangerous land, where their survival hangs in the balance. - July 25, 2023

Author Marilyn Miller's New Audiobook, "Only A Woman Can Make A Difference," is a Poignant Tale of Strangers Drawn Together Through Uncertainty to Help Guide Each Other

Recent audiobook release “Only A Woman Can Make A Difference,” from Audiobook Network author Marilyn Miller, is a fascinating and riveting story that follows the lives of a group of people living in a small town, who are brought together through a common denominator that changes the course of their lives forever. - July 24, 2023

Author Nitki's Dad's New Audiobook, “The Warrior Within,” is an Overview of the Author's Life and the People and Experiences That Have Defined Him Along the Way

Recent audiobook release “The Warrior Within,” from Audiobook Network author Nitki's Dad, is a compelling series of moments throughout the author's life that led to a pivotal self-reflection and a personal journey towards spiritual and mental healing. Through his story, Nitki's Dad reveals the importance of taking ownership of one's choices to learn from past mistakes and not repeat them. - July 20, 2023

Author William E. Hardison's New Audiobook, “All About Us: Short Stories of Life Written in Rhythm and Rhyme,” is a Poetic Journey of Humor and Encouragement of Faith

Recent audiobook release “All About Us: Short Stories of Life Written in Rhythm and Rhyme,” from Audiobook Network author William E. Hardison, is a moving and thought-provoking collection of rhymes and verses exploring the author's personal views and struggles through life, designed to encourage listeners to open their hearts and minds to faith. - July 13, 2023

Author Kendall D. Gott's New Audiobook, "Gone to Kansas 1856," is a Gripping Novel That Follows One Man's Journey to Find His Place Within the Wild Kansas Territories

Recent audiobook release “Gone to Kansas 1856: Fire and Tribulation: The Sequel to Gone to Kansas 1855: A Historical Novel,” from Audiobook Network author Kendall D. Gott, is a captivating novel that centers around the adventures of young Hiram Lockwood, who sets out for a better life and finds himself in the midst of the tumultuous Kansas Territories during the mid-19th century. - July 07, 2023

Author Taylor Johnson's New Audiobook, “How To Beat Depression with the Bible,” Reveals How the Word of God Can be a Valuable Tool in the Fight Against Depression

Recent audiobook release “How To Beat Depression with the Bible,” from Audiobook Network author Taylor Johnson, is a profound and thought-provoking look at how the author was able to use the Bible to fight back against his own struggles with depression and how listeners can find comfort and growth through God's Scripture. - July 07, 2023

Author Steven R. Hoer, M.D.'s New Audiobook, “Bumps and Bruises,” Presents the Necessary Tools to Identify and Persevere Through the Modern Struggles of Life

Recent audiobook release “Bumps and Bruises: A Surgeon’s Reflections on Life,” from Audiobook Network author Steven R. Hoer, M.D., is thought-provoking guide to understanding and overcoming one's struggles, based on the author's experience, observation, and counsel with thousands of individuals over the course of his life. - July 07, 2023

Author Cami Woods's New Audiobook, "The Reckoning," is a Faith-Based Memoir Detailing How the Author's Faith in Her Heavenly Father Saved Her from Darkness and Abuse

Recent audiobook release “The Reckoning,” from Audiobook Network author Cami Woods, is a harrowing autobiography depicting the tumultuous life of the author and the difficulties placed on her path in life. Through trials and tribulations, rejections and abandonments, lies and deceits, and abuses of every kind, Cami struggles to find a place to belong and the love that has escaped her. - June 30, 2023

Author Joyce Porter Strollo's New Audiobook, "Know Your Future," is a Fascinating Reflection on the Power of Dreams to Predict and Manifest One's Future

Recent audiobook release “Know Your Future,” from Audiobook Network author Joyce Porter Strollo, is an engaging and thought-provoking discussion of the ways in which prophetic dreams have helped the author better know and predict her future. Through sharing her experiences, Strollo reveals how listeners can also better prepare for their future while understanding the visions they see while dreaming. - June 30, 2023

Author E.T. Milligan's New Audiobook, "Past the Line: Book #1," Follows a Detective Who Becomes Obsessed with Finding His Wife's Killer, No Matter the Personal Cost

Recent audiobook release “Past the Line: Book #1 of The Blake Cutter Detective Series,” from Audiobook Network author E.T. Milligan, is a compelling mystery that centers around Blake Cutter, a former Miami detective who has been reassigned to the FBI following the murder of his wife from a car bomb intended for him. Now on the hunt for clues, Cutter will use his new position to apprehend his wife's killer. - June 16, 2023

Author JW Crawford's New Audiobook, "Ghost Child: Attack of the Black Annis," is a Riveting Tale of a Woman Who Loses Her Memory and Must Battle a Terrifying Entity

Recent audiobook release “Ghost Child: Attack of the Black Annis,” from Audiobook Network author JW Crawford, follows a local television reporter whose life is changed forever after being diagnosed with the same disease that took her daughter. As the disease takes its toll, Cindy develops the ability to communicate with the spirit world and becomes a target for the legendary Black Annis. - June 16, 2023

Author Gary Wilson's New Audiobook, “Global Investor Agent: How Do You Thrive Not Just Survive In A Market Shift?” Explores How to Find Success in Any Real Estate Market

Recent audiobook release “Global Investor Agent: How Do You Thrive Not Just Survive In A Market Shift?” from Audiobook Network author Gary Wilson, with Gina Hanson, Kathy Uricek, Gilbert Evans, Betty Cappa, Deborah Warner, Melanie Abraham, Lisa Sears, and Andre LaFountain, is designed to help listeners understand how to survive in a volatile and unpredictable real estate market. - June 16, 2023

Author C.L. Black Jr.'s New Audiobook, “My Next 24,” is a Profound Discussion Designed to Encourage Listeners to Truly Live and be Present in Their Next Twenty-Four Hours

Recent audiobook release “My Next 24,” from Audiobook Network author C.L. Black Jr., is an eye-opening discussion of how listeners can gain more perspective on the ways in which people can spend one twenty-four-hour period in their lives. Through Black Jr.'s writings, listeners will garner the information required to live their best lives possible. - June 09, 2023

Author Sean Laighean's New Audiobook, "The Ghosts of Gaylord," is a Gripping Story of a Small Community Who Fights Back Against Terrorists That Have Settled in Their Town

Recent audiobook release “The Ghosts of Gaylord,” from Audiobook Network author Sean Laighean, is a captivating story that centers around a northern Michigan community that is suddenly taken over by terrorists. Together with a small band of veterans, the citizens of this small community join together and plot to overthrow the dangerous forces planning to expand their reach across the nation. - June 09, 2023

Chaplain Rick Paetzke's New Audiobook, "Life of Miracles," is the Story of the Author’s Life and the Many Miracles He Has Experienced That Have Shaped His Faith

Recent audiobook release “Life of Miracles,” from Audiobook Network author Chaplain Rick Paetzke, is a raw and emotional memoir that explores the trials and triumphs of life with an eye on the hand God has in the lives of His children. - June 09, 2023

Author Jim Forbes's New Audiobook, "Simple Ways," is a Captivating Collection of Poetry Sharing the Author’s Emotions and Personality with Listeners

Recent audiobook release “Simple Ways,” from Audiobook Network author Jim Forbes, is a compelling and personal collection of poems that invites listeners to peer inside the mind of the author. - June 09, 2023

"The Lord vs Corruption" is a Captivating and True Story of How the Author, Rand Tubbs, Had Three Near-Death Experiences Before the Lord Miraculously Healed Rand

"The Lord vs Corruption" is a true testimonial book of many miracles and supernatural events that happened when author Rand Tubbs was sick and dying. After being shown a son existed in a third near-death experience, Rand made a promised to the Lord to write a full book of all these supernatural events if Rand found this child. - June 09, 2023

James Stone's New Audiobook, "REVELATION: The Great Wonder," is an Enlightening Analysis of the Book of Revelation and How It Can Relate to the Modern World

Recent audiobook release “REVELATION: The Great Wonder,” from Audiobook Network author James Stone, sheds new light on the Book of Revelation. Stone uses his decades of experience studying the bible and working in ministry to provide insight on how to unlock the power of Christ that lives inside all of His children. - June 09, 2023

Author Pam Tinnes Lord's New Audiobook, "Furry Tales: The Village Would Never Be the Same," is the Story of Some Peaceful Creatures Whose Lives Are Upended by an Intruder

Recent audiobook release “Furry Tales: The Village Would Never Be the Same,” from Audiobook Network author Pam Tinnes Lord, is a powerful and uplifting tale of a collection of furry friends who must band together to protect their peaceful hamlet when an unexpected intruder arrives to challenge them. - June 09, 2023

Author Donna Barbier's New Audiobook, “Raising the Bar in Marriage: A 31-Day Devotional,” Helps Listeners Strengthen Their Marriages and Relationship with God

Recent audiobook release “Raising the Bar in Marriage: A 31-Day Devotional,” from Audiobook Network author Donna Barbier, encourages listeners and their spouses to raise the bar not only in their relationship with one another but with God as well. - June 09, 2023

Author Barbara Ann Munster's New Audiobook, "Developing Values," Reveals How the Author’s Experiences Impacted Her View of Family, Community, and the World

Recent audiobook release “Developing Values: Go Forth with Courage,” from Audiobook Network author Barbara Ann Munster, is a heartfelt memoir and self-help novel that reflects upon the author's experiences beginning with her early childhood, and covering her three marriages, the birth and raising of her children, and her ongoing education and career milestones. - June 09, 2023

Author Ted Delgrosso's New Audiobook, "Ted’s Tales," is an Engrossing Collection of Twenty-Five Diverse and Genre-Spanning Short Stories

Recent audiobook release “Ted’s Tales,” from Audiobook Network author Ted Delgrosso, is a captivating collection of thirteen short contemporary fiction stories and twelve short science fiction stories. - June 09, 2023

Author Ira Milligan's New Audiobook, “Understanding the Book of Revelation," an Eye-Opening Discussion of the Text and Meaning Behind John's Writings in Revelation

Recent audiobook release “Understanding the Book of Revelation: Blessed Is He Who Reads And Those Who Hear the Words of This Prophecy,” from Audiobook Network author Ira Milligan, is a compelling guide through the Book of Revelation's intriguing and interwoven mysteries surrounding the end of time that reveals the victorious return of Christ. - June 09, 2023

Author Bob Ranieri, M.S., LMHC, CCMHC's New Audiobook, “Leadership and Parenting is Simple, Not Easy” is an Intuitive Guide to Becoming a More Effective Parent or Leader

Recent audiobook release “Leadership and Parenting is Simple, Not Easy,” from Audiobook Network author Bob Ranieri, M.S., LMHC, CCMHC, is the perfect tool for listeners who are aiming to be more successful leaders in both the workplace and at home. Split into three simple yet insightful rules, Ranieri presents a powerful manual to navigating the hurdles one can face in a position of leadership. - May 25, 2023

The Whistleblower Delves Into Fascinating Phenomena in His Newly Released Audiobook, "Mysterious Phenomena and Classified Phenomena"

A recent audiobook release, “Mysterious Phenomena and Classified Phenomena,” from Audiobook Network author The Whistleblower, explores the author's opinions and beliefs regarding a wide range of daunting topics. - May 25, 2023

Author J.S. Lowman's New Audiobook, “The Kurrus Khronicles: Khronicle One,” is the Thrilling Tale of Two Lovers and Their Family's Role in Their Magical World's History

Recent audiobook release “The Kurrus Khronicles: Khronicle One,” from Audiobook Network author J.S. Lowman, centers around the family of Kurrus and Moraga, two lovers who overcome insurmountable odds to be together, and start their own magical lineage. Through this incredibly rich and fascinating tale, dark family secrets will be revealed, as well as the family's role in the history of their world. - May 25, 2023

Author Renee Lee's New Audiobook, "Bell: Sound the Alarm," is an Inspiring/Riveting Love Story About Bell’s Search for Truth/Identity - Her Ultimate Test of Faith

Recent audiobook release “Bell: Sound the Alarm,” from Audiobook Network author Renee Lee, is a poetic/musical Christian fiction love story and thriller that centers around Bell, a young woman blessed with unique gifts who soon finds her faith put to the ultimate test. Facing supernatural battles, Bell’s Christian upbringing provides her divine courage through the power of Holy Spirit to triumph over the challenges that await her. - May 24, 2023

Author JC Street's New Audiobook "The Family Child Support Conspiracy" Takes a Look at How the Child Support System of America Has Failed to Meet Its Most Basic Function

Recent audiobook release “The Family Child Support Conspiracy,” from Audiobook Network author JC Street, examines how the child support system in America has become hijacked by greed and done nothing to prevent the growing issue of childhood poverty. In contrast, Street proposes a fix to the system, beginning with preventing childhood poverty through centering family and household values around God. - May 19, 2023

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