HM Wilkins Imperial Report Predicts Mild Recession for Germany

German economic resilience lessens impact of energy crunch, according to recent report by HM Wilkins Imperial.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., January 24, 2023 --( A recently released report by HM Wilkins Imperial revealed that the Asian based company predicts a recession for the powerhouse economy of the Euro Zone. However, analysts at HM Wilkins Imperial believe the downturn will not be too severe.

The report showed that Germany’s December inflation figures were less than had been anticipated, declining to 9.6%.

This positive news came after the economy expanded by almost 2% in 2022, outperforming earlier predictions.

Marcus Steele at HM Wilkins said “Germany’s economy is known for its resilience and even in the face of tremendous economic certainty, it seems unlikely that it will be too greatly affected in 2023.”

Germany, along with the rest of the Euro Zone is currently facing significant pressure due to the reduced supply of energy from Russia. Germany has managed to reduce its gas consumption by a fifth without this affecting its productivity.

Analysts at HM Wilkins Imperial said that in light of recent data pointing to a better than anticipated economic prognosis for Germany, this year and next would be an important time for the country to consolidate its economic strengths.

The HM Wilkins report also revealed that inflation in Germany is likely to stabilize this year, with Mr. Steele attributing this to decisive action by the German government. Germany has managed to largely cushion the energy blow to consumers through the use of widespread legislative packages.
HM Wilkins Imperial
Ryo Inoue