Inktavo and ROQ.US Announces Partnership to Advance the Apparel Decoration Industry

Inktavo and ROQ.US Announces Partnership to Advance the Apparel Decoration Industry
Tempe, AZ, March 02, 2023 --( Inktavo, a provider of software solutions for the apparel decoration industry, and ROQ.US, a provider of automated digital & screen printing equipment, have joined forces to bring new innovation and inspire unseen growth to the field, further reinforcing both companies as key players in the market.

The alliance combines Inktavo's expertise in design, e-commerce, and production management software with ROQ.US's experience in digital & screen printing. The collaboration will offer a comprehensive solution to Garment Decorators looking to streamline their printing processes, improve efficiency, decrease spending and turnover, and increase revenue. To meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, Inktavo and ROQ.US promise educational opportunities, resources, services, and events.

"We are proud to partner with ROQ.US to offer customers a new level of innovation," said JP Hunt, Head of Partnerships for Inktavo. "Together, we are dedicated to providing a collaborative approach to deliver the best possible experience, education, and resources."

"We’ve found the perfect software partner in Inktavo, who shares our vision for the future of the printing industry," said Ross Hunter, President of ROQ.US. "With this partnership, we can now offer a complete solution to our Partners and support their success at every stage, being a true Partner in Print."

With a shared commitment to innovation and customer success, Inktavo and ROQ.US. are poised to shape the future of the industry and help businesses achieve their goals.

About Inktavo:
Inktavo provides cutting-edge software solutions for the apparel decoration industry. The company is focused on innovation, education, and customer support, and is committed to helping customers achieve their goals. Inktavo’s family of brands includes InkSoft, Printavo, and GraphicsFlow.

About ROQ.US:
Today’s Garment Decorators need the most productive, most streamlined, and most reliable automated solutions to exponentially increase production and profits.

Communities across America and beyond need the highest quality prints to express themselves meaningfully and reinforce togetherness. Our planet needs a coalition of businesses and consumers who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability to ensure our collective continued growth and wellness.

ROQ.US lives at the crossroads of these issues and strives to be an anchor for shared prosperity in the decorated apparel business, communal unity, and a flourishing Earth. ROQ.US partners with businesses and provides them with the most technologically advanced printing machines and services that reduce the industry’s environmental impact and reduce the needed overhead to succeed.

When you build on sand, you drift away with the tide. When you build on ROQ, you propel from a solid foundation of integrity coupled with dependable automation for many years to come. #ROQYourWay and #PressOnward with #YourPartnerInPrint!

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