New Award-Winning Marketing Book "Brain Glue," by James I. Bond, Has Been Released

The marketing book "Brain Glue" by James I. Bond has been released and is already receiving critical acclaim from business leaders like Jack Canfield and Publishers Weekly. The book teaches the secret to utilizing brain science to increase the persuasive power of ads, emails, social media posts, and personal presentations. Bond emphasizes the importance of emotional triggers in persuasion and provides practical techniques. "Brain Glue" is available for purchase on major book retailers.

New Award-Winning Marketing Book "Brain Glue," by James I. Bond, Has Been Released
Thousand Oaks, CA, March 07, 2023 --( "Brain Glue," a new marketing book by James I. Bond, has been released to the public. Previously titled, "Sell More With A Right-Brain Marketing Strategy," the name was changed to make it easier to remember. The book is already being hailed by business titans Jack Canfield and Publishers Weekly as one of the most powerful "selling and persuasion" books ever written. "Brain Glue" reveals a secret that has changed the way hundreds of professionals are marketing and selling their ideas and products - by applying brain science to phrases, words, book titles, product titles, and talks that are created.

In "Brain Glue," Bond says, "This book shares the secret to making your ideas "sticky" so they stick to your prospect's brain like glue, increasing the persuasive power of your ads, emails, social media posts, and personal presentations."

The book is based on sold-out workshops at the US Small Business Administration, where top marketers are taught how ordinary products are often turned into blockbusters with simple changes to how they are named and described.

As Bond explains, "People buy for emotional reasons. Yet 'emotional selling' is missing from most marketing. That's why so many pros are now using 'Brain Glue' to boost the performance of their ads and one-on-one presentations."

The book has already received critical acclaim from several high-profile individuals in the business world. Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, said, "From the moment I picked it up, I didn't want to put it down. I'm giving copies of this book to my entire team. This should be required reading for anyone in business."

Mike Scotto, former Division Director of Marketing at JCPenney and SCORE Advisory Council member, said, "This is one of the most important marketing books I have ever read!"

Brain Glue has also been recognized with several awards, including the "Editor's Pick" from Publisher's Weekly and the Readers' Favorite 5-Star Award. The book was also a BookLife Prize Winner.

Bond, who describes himself as one of America's leading behavioral management specialists, has worked with a who's who of American business. He said, "Most people think logic is the key to persuasion, but I teach them how 'emotional' triggers are even more powerful, supercharging your listener's brain so they are more willing to say Yes to your ideas and buy your products."

"Brain Glue" is available now on Amazon and other major book retailers. For more information about the book, visit the "Brain Glue" website at

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