As Airlines Raise Their Prices, Consumers Search for New Ways to Save

A new site by the name of Vacant Travel is taking aim at the increasing air travel costs in the United States, by offering visitors a way to save more.

Springfield, MO, June 03, 2008 --( Earlier this month, every major airline in the U.S. announced that they would be increasing their fuel surcharge, in an attempt to cover the increased cost of fuel. However, a new Web site by the name of Vacant Travel ( is showing users that they can save more than ever before, despite the increased airline fees.

The secret behind Vacant Travel lies in their ability to match visitors with airline tickets via travel vouchers, coupons, and credits. Airlines like U.S. Airlines, Airtran Airways, Alaska Airways, Northwest, and American Airlines, all issue discount vouchers for air travel to people worldwide. The secret is knowing where to find an airline voucher.

“Everyday airlines issue vouchers and coupons to customers and travel agents,” says spokesman Sam Lee. “Some of these people are given coupons for being loyal customers, while others are given vouchers for a wide array of different things. A lot of these people then turn around and resell their travel vouchers for a significant discount. That's where we come in. We specialize in connecting future travelers with the people selling these vouchers. People can literally have hundreds of dollars by visiting our site, and we don't charge a dime.”

So while airlines may be increasing their prices, there's still a way to travel without breaking the bank. For more information on Vacant Travel and their discount listings, please visit:

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