Long-Lost Song Released About Bakersfield by The Gasbreakers

Grandkids and Grannies are more important than the Grammys.

Long-Lost Song Released About Bakersfield by The Gasbreakers
Reno, NV, March 18, 2023 --(PR.com)-- Best friends for almost 70 years, Tom Stohlgren and John Giuntoli recorded this hysterical song in 1984 in Three Rivers, CA. The cassette disappeared, only to be found in a basement in Colorado nearly four decades later. The song was intended to deter close family friends from moving to Bakersfield from the Stohlgren’s lovely community of Three Rivers.

Cleaning out your basement or attic could be a life-altering experience. In this case, the treasure was a group of songs, hastily recorded on a cheap cassette recorder. “It’s easy to look back at one’s life with a smile,” said Stohlgren. “It’s harder to get one to laugh aloud.” “We recorded over a dozen songs, and only a few have been found,” Giuntoli said, a retired grocery clerk. “We owe it to ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren to document our lives as best we can," said Stohlgren, a retired scientist turned screenwriter.

These two old friends want everyone to document their past. Leave a paper trail. Copyright a memoir. Leave digital scrapbooks. “We’re doing this for the Grandkids and Grannies, not the Grammys,” said Stohlgren. Leave archaeologists and your descendants something to talk about, no matter how silly.

This particular song was released today by Amuse to YouTube Music and Apple Music. The duo hopes the song (and the concept and obligation of documenting our lives) will reach a much broader audience. As a screenwriter, Stohlgren is represented by Eleni Larchanidou, Literary & Talent Manager. share.amuse.io/QNxJrexNWoUt
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