Air Lift Technology
Air Lift Technology

Air Powered Oil Well Pump Replaces Pump Jacks

Air-powered oil well pump system with no moving parts above ground, virtually maintenance-free. No pump jacks, no work-overs needed any more. Air pumps work with wells having holes in the casing, preventing normal pumping.

Air Powered Oil Well Pump Replaces Pump Jacks
Nowata, OK, April 21, 2023 --( The Air Lift Technology Pumps (ALT Pump) are self-regulating and maintenance free, therefore eliminating pump-jacks, VFDs variable frequency drives, and time clocks. They are self-priming and have no electrical connections and no moving parts above ground. The pumps are compatible with older wells, stripper wells and wells that have casing leaks.

Gary Sommese: "He’s got holes in his casing so he can’t produce them so… I told him let’s give it a shot. Our system will work. We don’t care if it has holes since we are self-contained within the well bore…With a Pump Jack you got a hole now you can’t pump it, where we can…"

The system is powered by an air compressor or off grid by a natural gas compressor. The system is also capable of running on compressed natural gas (CNG) and is 100% recyclable. It is a closed system, all the gas that goes into the system is reused to power the system.

The pumps also have a built-in air saver feature that will not allow the pumps to function until the pump chamber is full, saving fuel (air/CNG). The air used to power the well is injected only into the pumping system. And none of the air used to power the system mixes with any of the formation fluids.

The pump system is used in shallow wells to 2,000 feet and has an operating pressure of 125 psi (air or natural gas) pressure. They eject fluid from the well-bore as the well naturally gives it up.

Most owners also see a substantial increase in production when the AirLift system is installed.

Gary Sommese: “On this particular lease, they have seen a 17% increase in production. The reason is, this pump system will automatically keep all the fluid pressure off the well. We are also able to eliminate any pressure from the gas in the well bore. Between those two factors, it allows the fluid to flow into the well that much better.”

The Environmental Footprint is unrecognizable from what your used to seeing in a normal pump jack run oil field…There are no expensive and messy workovers to deal with.

Gary Sommese: "No mess. No leaks. No spills. No rod and tubing, and no loss of production… That’s the big thing."

About Air Lift Technology:
Air Lift Technology is unique in the Petroleum industry in that it started out as a water well project to help poor villages in Bangladesh pump their water without a hand pump. It can work off a windmill which was about all many villages had. Gary invented the pump to fulfill the contract to provide clean well water without the need for electricity.

An associate from Oklahoma commented that it looked like something that would work to pump oil in his oil field. He installed the first system and it worked like a charm.

Air Lift Technology Pumps are now in 5 states and growing. They have been proven in Oil fields up to 2,000 feet for over 5 years so it’s no longer experimental.
Air Lift Technology
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