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Robot-Led New Hire Orientation: Real Life Solution in Second Life

New Robotic Instructors simulation helps corporate training departments create effective hew hire orientation program in Second Life.

State College, PA, June 05, 2008 --( Robotic avatars developed by AHG, Inc. are on a new mission. Today AHG released a Robotic Instructors simulation for use in new hire orientation and onboarding. “Availability of our robotic avatar engine for new hire orientation was the question I heard most often from our clients,” said Alex Heiphetz, Ph.D., CEO of AHG, Inc. announcing release of the new training simulation, ”So working on this project came naturally.”

Robotic instructors are avatars which are operated by computer program. They log in Second Life on demand, provide a guided tour or lesson(s) for trainees and log out after the session is completed. During the session robotic instructors can ask trainee to repeat specific steps and provide trainee with a feedback. Several robotic instructors can operate at the same time, providing guided tours to different trainees in different locations.

There is another “first” when it comes to robotic instructors. The simulation is completely controlled through a graphic web interface. Non-programmers, such as instructional designers or training specialists, are able to modify an existing simulation or even create a new one without a single line of code. Robotic Instructors simulation is incredibly flexible and can be easily modified with changing business needs.

As with other AHG products, simulation links to a database or LMS located on enterprise network so all sensitive data is located behind corporate firewall.

“The robotic avatar technology, proved to be an extremely powerful and flexible tool,” concluded Dr. Heiphetz. “In a recent survey more than 76 percent of respondents who implemented immersive simulations indicated they have received a modest to a very good return on investment; 93 percent of respondents reported that immersive simulations produced results that are better than other forms of rich-skill practice. There is no doubt that introduction of Robotic Instructors and other robotic avatar engines will only increase the number of respondents who plan to do more immersive simulations and scenarios.”

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