Author J.S. Lowman's New Audiobook, “The Kurrus Khronicles: Khronicle One,” is the Thrilling Tale of Two Lovers and Their Family's Role in Their Magical World's History

Recent audiobook release “The Kurrus Khronicles: Khronicle One,” from Audiobook Network author J.S. Lowman, centers around the family of Kurrus and Moraga, two lovers who overcome insurmountable odds to be together, and start their own magical lineage. Through this incredibly rich and fascinating tale, dark family secrets will be revealed, as well as the family's role in the history of their world.

Cape Coral, FL, May 25, 2023 --( J.S. Lowman, a loving father and grandfather who has been married to his beloved wife Susan for over forty-six years, has completed his new audiobook, “The Kurrus Khronicles: Khronicle One”: a captivating fantasy tale detailing the first meeting of Kurrus and Moraga and how their family became involved in the shaping of their world.

“As now being told by Aura, these tales have been used to teach the children and now the grandchildren of Kurrus and Moraga,” writes Lowman. “They are tools to teach them how to use the gifts bestowed upon them by the Gods. They are also a means of telling the truth about their family, truths known by few in this Realm and beyond. These are the tales of one families’ part in the actual history of these lands and not the half-truths as told by those with reputations and power to preserve. Within, these will see those truths unfold and the events that brought them about. More than that, you will see the love that Kurrus and Moraga share as Bond-mates and all that came from that love, despite the efforts of those who would keep them apart. You will also learn what it be of the Blackhand.”

Published by Audiobook Network, author J.S. Lowman’s new audiobook is the first installment in the author’s thrilling “The Kurrus Khronicles” series, and is a powerful story of good and evil, and the misconceptions that both can inspire. Thought-provoking and expertly paced, this poignant and character-driven epic will transport readers to a brand new, fully realized world and leave them desperate for more with each turn of the page as shocking twists and family secrets are revealed.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “The Kurrus Khronicles: Khronicle One” by J.S. Lowman through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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