AcceleDev Celebrates Its 20 Year Anniversary

AcceleDev Celebrates Its 20 Year Anniversary
Monmouth Junction, NJ, May 25, 2023 --( AcceleDev Chemical LLC, a leading strategic supplier of Pharmaceutical process custom synthesis services, is proud to celebrate its 20th Anniversary this month. Since its inception in 2003, AcceleDev has remained focused on helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies deliver life-saving medications to market. With an expanding Process R&D team of 55+ chemists and reputation for quickly solving challenging chemistry problems and developing robust processes, AcceleDev’s value and reliability continues to offer a unique set of advantages to its expanding Pharmaceutical partner-base.

“It’s very rewarding to work so closely with our Pharmaceutical partners and be an integral part of helping them achieve their goals.” says Dr. Caitlin DeAngelo, Technical Project Manager at AcceleDev. “I get to team up with passionate scientists every day and help generate creative solutions to challenging problems while accelerating the timelines of innovative medications.”

AcceleDev continues to evolve and meet the ever-changing pharmaceutical chemistry outsourcing demands. Leveraging an expansive set of R&D and manufacturing resources to help its partners rapidly deliver new medicines to patients while keeping development costs low, remains the company’s mission. These outsourcing demands are fueling further investment into expanding the operations of Acceledev’s New Jersey R&D site, as well as the commercial manufacturing organization, now comprised of three diverse multi-purpose sites with a combined reactor capacity of 818m3.

Two decades and an industry best project completion success rate, have earned AcceleDev a reputation for tackling the most challenging projects with intellectual creativity, integrity, and finesse. “We are extremely excited to mark the 20th anniversary of AcceleDev. This milestone has given us the opportunity to celebrate the role we play in helping our partners deliver new medications to patients, as well as reflect on how we can further improve our value and increase our positive impact” said Charlie Lewis, AcceleDev’s Founder and Managing Director. To enable this vision, AcceleDev is refining its platform of in-house technology, specialized services, and highly responsive internal culture, to increase its value for customers that demand a highly trustworthy outsourcing partner.

About AcceleDev Chemical LLC

AcceleDev Chemical LLC is a privately owned US based custom synthesis CDMO with small molecule synthetic chemistry research, process development and commercial scale production facilities located in the US and China. AcceleDev offers a comprehensive range of small molecule process chemistry services in support of our pharmaceutical partner’s API programs that are in the preclinical through commercialization phases. AcceleDev’s services include process chemistry design, API process research and development, analytical method development, pilot scale-up, and commercial production within high quality multi-purpose facility sites. AcceleDev fully supports our partners’ Chemistry, manufacturing and control requirements and provides additional supplemental supply chain management services as well.

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