Author Barbara Ann Munster's New Audiobook, "Developing Values," Reveals How the Author’s Experiences Impacted Her View of Family, Community, and the World

Recent audiobook release “Developing Values: Go Forth with Courage,” from Audiobook Network author Barbara Ann Munster, is a heartfelt memoir and self-help novel that reflects upon the author's experiences beginning with her early childhood, and covering her three marriages, the birth and raising of her children, and her ongoing education and career milestones.

Berkeley, CA, June 09, 2023 --( Barbara Ann Munster, a loving mother of three and a certified spiritual director, energy healer, and open space technologist, has completed her new audiobook, “Developing Values: Go Forth with Courage”: a poignant self-help book that draws the author’s own lived experiences to help listeners examine one’s own truths and what values matter to them.

Originally from the Bay Area in California, author Barbara Ann Munster graduated with a BA in Psychology, an MA in Public Administration, and an MA in Holistic Studies. Her first career focused on developing and directing programs that served the mentally and emotionally challenged. Her second career focused on creating stained glass windows, oil paintings, and writing. From the time she was a teenager, she volunteered in various community programs and has served as president for the Castro Valley/Hayward Rotary, Widgi Creek Homeowners Association, CORIL, and Bend Habitat for Humanity.

“I have been deeply concerned about the ‘lack of values’ we are experiencing in our communities,” writes Munster. “In the past, churches, families, and communities helped guide people as they matured. These groups have drastically lost their influence. Now the question remains, how do we move ahead with healthy, responsible families with life-giving values? Drastic changes are taking place in our lives, communities and in nature. Sometimes these changes are so complex that they seem overwhelming. The important factor to remember is that all we need to do is take one step, and the next step will unfold. Each of us is capable of taking one step toward making our world a better place. What we need now is to focus on the tools to make changes, and a belief that change is possible.”

Munster continues, “I began writing my history of experiences so I could better understand the influencing factors that impacted and broadened my understanding of life. In describing life, I hoped to learn why and what I believe. I understand my childhood beliefs are not the same as when I became an adult, but what caused the changes? Are more changes needed? What basic values affected my survival and that of our communities? What I realized is that my experiences were a series of major elements: three marriages (Moon, Lawson, Munster), three children (Keith, Lori, Lesli), three careers (mother, director, artist), and three traits (endurance, creativity, kindness). By reflecting on my experiences, I saw how I grew and expanded ideas to be healthier and inclusive. I began to realize the influencing factors so I could consciously choose to uphold some values and drop others that are no longer valuable.”

Published by Audiobook Network, author Barbara Ann Munster’s new audiobook will guide listeners through the author’s life journey, providing insightful advice to help discover what truly drives oneself amongst the ever-shifting landscape of the world. Thought-provoking and poignant, Munster looks back on the influencing factors of her own life and discusses how they can be an example for listeners to examine their own truths.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Developing Values: Go Forth with Courage” by Barbara Ann Munster through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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