Author Donna Barbier's New Audiobook, “Raising the Bar in Marriage: A 31-Day Devotional,” Helps Listeners Strengthen Their Marriages and Relationship with God

Recent audiobook release “Raising the Bar in Marriage: A 31-Day Devotional,” from Audiobook Network author Donna Barbier, encourages listeners and their spouses to raise the bar not only in their relationship with one another but with God as well.

Collinsville, OK, June 09, 2023 --( Donna Barbier, who has over twenty years of experience in ministry, has completed her new audiobook, “Raising the Bar in Marriage: A 31-Day Devotional”: a meaningful and inspirational work designed to guide listeners through the process of creating a stronger marriage grounded in faith in God.

The work inspires listeners to become more purposeful about doing good for their marriages, noting the positive impact that occurs in relationships when partners intentionally do things to strengthen it.

Author Donna Barbier’s passion, along with her husband, Carl, is to help couples know who they are in Christ as individuals so that together they can live the marriage God designed for them. Her prayer is that this devotional reaches those who need it the most.

Donna writes, “Do you know a couple who’s been married for twenty years or more? Do you ever wonder how those couples make marriage work? How do they thrive when so many marriages struggle just to survive—if they make it at all? Most marriages these days are unique if they last three or more years. My husband, Carl, and I get asked often, ‘How do you both act as though you’re still on your honeymoon?’ The answer is simple really because we still are! Our marriage is successful because of ‘building blocks.’ We are very purposeful about our marriage and about one another. With so many distractions in life these days, our relationship with each other comes directly behind our individual relationships with God.”

Published by Audiobook Network, author Donna Barbier’s new audiobook is an insightful book that offers a daily "building block" that help listeners and their spouses build and strengthen their marriages into ones that last a lifetime.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Raising the Bar in Marriage: A 31-Day Devotional” by Donna Barbier through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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